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Supreme Court Sets Date To Hear UT-Austin Affirmative Action Lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court has set a date to hear oral arguments in a case that challenges universities using race as a component of their admissions policy. In 2008, Abigail Fisher sued the University of Texas at Austin after she failed to get into UT because of what she and her attorneys label as racial discrimination. For students like Fisher that miss the ten percent cutoff for automatic college admission, universities like UT have used a number of other qualifying factors for admission,...
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Office of Historic Preservation

There are huge events all weekend at the Missions honoring their World Heritage Designation. Here's one that will change dramatically the way you see Mission Concepcion. Shannon Miller Directs the city’s Office of Historic Preservation. 

"We are actually going to be restoring, figuratively, the frescoes that would have been on the original façade of the Mission.”

The frescoes she’s talking about were repetitive geometric designs that originally painted brightly those current-day earth-toned Missions.

Ryan E. Poppe

The U.S. Senate’s Number 2 in charge, Texas Senator John Cornyn, visited with community groups in Austin on Monday to sell his plan for gun control through more mental health testing.  But some gun control advocates are saying Cornyn’s plan actually would make guns more available to people with mental illness.

Courtesy Trinity University Press: http://bit.ly/1G278EC

When you think Mexican food, enchiladas might be one of the first things to come to mind. They're a staple of both traditional cooking and modern Tex-Mex interpretations. 

In their new cookbook, Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex, (Trinity University Press) restaurant owner Cappy Lawton and food writer Chris Waters Dunn have put together the ultimate source on enchiladas, from recipes to a historical background.

From Texas Standard:

Earlier this month, a lineup in the U.S. Senate press room showed Democrats and Republicans standing together showing rare agreement over a comprehensive criminal justice bill.

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A new study from the Texas A & M Transportation Institute confirms a direct link between the increase in Texas oil production since 2009 and the surge in fatal crashes on state highways.

2009 marked the year oil production kicked into high gear in both the Eagle Ford Shale and Permian Basin regions of the state.

Ryan E. Poppe

Governor Greg Abbott wants the Texas Supreme Court to send the state’s school finance lawsuit back to the lower court. 

Libby Day

Fall season for Youth Orchestras of San Antonio opens this week. Music Director Troy Peters told us that the program he has planned has a lot to do with the Tobin Center itself, where it’s happening on Sunday.

“It’s an amazing place to make a big sound. We’re going to play Saint Saens’ organ symphony.  It’s a spectacular piece. It blows the roof off the place.”

To do so they’ll use the Tobin’s little-known in-house organ. It's a great big thing that is mostly kept far below the stage, but to bring out and set up, takes several stage hands hours to execute.

Ron Nirenberg City Council District 8

San Antonio Councilmember Ron Nirenberg is calling for a pause at City Hall before two critical votes that will impact water bills in Bexar County.

The District 8 representative speaking on TPR' s The Source said the council and citizens should have an opportunity to read and discuss the controversial report on the city's water future before voting on changing the rate structure and the water rate for the San Antonio Water System.

Going to the Emergency Room in Texas and you should brace yourself for some surprises – even you have great insurance coverage. According to a new report Texans are Charged More Than 650% The Going Rate Of Medicare For ER  services. Jamie Dudensing is the CEO of the Texas Association of Health Plans.

From Texas Standard

The top political story Friday was the mayhem on Capitol Hill.

Kevin McCarthy’s decision to drop out of the House Speaker’s race Thursday evening left a vacuum – and some jockeying for position in a party split over direction.


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