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Operation Lone Star Brings Emergency Medical Care To Border

The Rio Grande Valley along the Texas Mexico border is one of the most impoverished regions in the nation. For many who live there receiving quality health care is not a possibility. But last week Operation Lone Star provided many with a chance to get needed medical treatment. There are two rows of portable dental chairs along the baseline at the Palmview high school gym in Mission, Texas. The chairs are filled with patients - many are having extensive work done on their teeth after a...
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Collin County

Paxton showed up at the Collin County Courthouse/Jail early Monday morning to turn himself in after being indicted on three criminal charges related to his deals with a friend's financial investment firm.



The grand jury in Paxton’s hometown of McKinney reportedly returned three criminal indictments against him last week. Two were for securities fraud.  A third was for failing to register as a securities agent.


In the early 1960s I became a teenager. Being the first born child in my family placed me ahead of 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the all-important pecking order. In truth, my youngest sister wasn't quite “in the oven” yet when I officially turned 13. She came a year later, the same year the movie “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” came out.

Quinn Mason’s been writing music for more than half his life, and he’s only 19. It’s been a life of challenges – he grew up the son of a single mom,  in a tough Dallas neighborhood, and he has Asperger’s syndrome, on the autism spectrum.  Quinn just got back from winning a national composition contest.

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  The City of San Antonio will consider raising the minimum wage for city workers to $13 an hour, though protesters who gathered at City Hall Friday want it raised to $15 per hour.

About 20 people with the Service Employees International Union gathered on City Hall steps Friday afternoon, demanding the higher increase.  Even though the union doesn’t directly represent city workers, some of them appreciated the message.

Swimmers from all over the country are in San Antonio right now and more are on the way.  The USA Swimming Speedo Junior National Championships began Thursday at the Northside Swim Center and continue through Monday.

Then on Thursday, August 6, the USA Swimming Phillips 66 National Championships will take place with some of the biggest names in the sport.

Jack Morgan

New public art was dedicated Wednesday on San Antonio’s East Side. The City’s Felix Padron welcomed a crowd of several dozen who stood in Pittman-Sullivan Park beneath the sculpture, a soaring 32-foot tall steel and mesh arm and outstretched hand reaching skyward.

"This is going to be an identity for this neighborhood for many, many years to come.  The artist said that he was inspired by Martin Luther King to do this, and the title of the work is, “Open Hand, Open Mind, Open Heart." Patron explained.

Ryan E. Poppe

Officials with Texas Parks and Wildlife say that by the end of next week they should know whether Chronic Wasting Disease has spread beyond the herd at the Texas Mountain Ranch in Medina County.  That’s where a buck recently tested positive for the disease which often kills the deer because they stop eating.

“We have put surveillance and monitoring in place to gauge where the disease is.  We’re sampling hunter-harvested animals. We’re dealing with a relatively small herd in an isolated area,” said Steve Lightfoot, with the agency’s Fish and Wildlife Division.

Ryan E. Poppe



The arrest, jailing and death of Sandra Bland has left a trail of questions about law enforcement’s handling of her case. 


It started with her arrest by a DPS trooper captured on videotape as he threatened Bland. Rep. Garnet Coleman is a Houston Democrat who chairs a House committee investigating the Bland case. 


“And the trooper clearly was the catalyst for the woman going to jail, so they’re really two separate things, but you have to fix one before you fix the other,” Coleman said outside of the committee hearing.


Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Summertime is supposed to mean a news slow down, but not this year. This week the city terminated its Public Health Director over allegations of inappropriate comments, which he denies saying its all about pressure from the beverage industry. 

A serious primary contender for Texas' Speaker of the House Joe Straus' seat. Does local conservative Jeff Judson have what it takes? 

Finally the city hosts a homeless feeding summitt so what came out of it?



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