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The Source: Lawsuit Could Mean Hundreds Of Millions In Taxes Lost

The strategy is called "Dark Stores." Lowes is suing Bexar County to have its stores assessed as vacant empty buildings and not as vibrant profit generators.
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Carl Lum began as SeaWorld San Antonio’s new president just weeks before the company announced it would stop breeding killer whales and end its signature Shamu orca shows, following years of public pressure and falling revenue. 

In journalism, there are five W's: who, what, when, where and the most important - who is paying for this?

How does the market transform muckraking information into a sustainable news product? What happens when editors and publishers don't see the economic value of the big scoop?

Guest: James T. Hamilton, author of "Democracy's Detectives: The Economics of Investigative Journalism"

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Millions of Texans are going to the polls to vote in the general election. While you need to take documents to prove your identity, there are some things you can’t take to the polling location.

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There are plenty of websites that offer colorful contact lenses to spice up your Halloween costume.But are they legal?

With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, Americans are eager to know who their next president will be.

With any luck, it will be Donald Trump, according to an Arizona rancher we spoke to last week who supports the candidate’s strict stance on immigration and border security.

It’s a different story south of the border, where Mexicans are also intently watching the election — even though they can’t vote Nov. 8.

Public health authorities and infectious disease specialists now say we may not be able to rid the U.S. of the Zika virus. Despite months of intense work — including house to house inspections and aggressive mosquito control — federal, state and local officials have not been able to stop the spread of Zika in Miami.


This year, all 36 of Texas’ congressional representatives are up for re-election, but only one of those races is considered by most observers to actually be competitive. When it comes to state house and senate races, the vast majority of those aren’t terribly competitive either. That’s due, in large part, to a lot of the districts in the state are drawn with an overwhelming majority of one party or another.

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The rich cultural heritage and potentially prosperous economic impact of fostering San Antonio's music community has piqued the interest of city officials.

From Texas StandardWhen Justice Louis Brandeis described the states as laboratories of democracy, he couldn't have foreseen election day 2016. As the New York Times noted Monday, the most popular illicit drug in the nation – marijuana – could be legalized for recreational use in five more states this November. That would bring the total number to 10, including Washington, D.C.


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Listening Across Our Differences

7 Stories, 7 Dollars

November 1 at the Josephine Theatre!

See Andrea Bocelli in Concert

Join us for a trip to Austin on Dec. 8 to see and hear the famed tenor!

Arts & Culture

Austin-based author, Elizabeth Harris, brings us the story of a woman who is the victim of a violent act.  In Mayhem: The Three Lives of a Woman, protagonist, Evelyn Kunkel Gant does indeed live three lives. She is daughter, wife, and then, as a victim of sexual assault, a pariah—one who never receives any kind of compassion or vindication—except through the telling of her story.  Elizabeth Harris takes us to the rural Texas of the 1930s—a place immersed in gender and social expectations that bring no sympathy to Evelyn.

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From arts to roots music to a yoga/cardio workout--there's a huge variety of weekend events for you. To start out, let's head to Bandera.

"It's our third annual Jailhouse Art Show, Rebecca Norton says. She says the jailhouse was designed in the 1880s by one of Texas's great architects, Alfred Giles. Along with fine local arts at this show, you can see arts left by...lesser talents.

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The San Antonio Chamber Music Society opens their 74th season on Sunday, October 22 with the Danish String Quartet, returning to Texas, but visiting San Antonio for the very first time with a program that balances darkness and light.

courtesy the artist

A local arts organization is bringing a world renown young pianist to San Antonio. They're called Musical Bridges Around the World, and they literally are trying to change that world.

"Yes, we are! Artists are idealists, right?" Anya Grokhovski laughed. She founded the organization 19 years ago.

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