Eight Dead In Apparent Human Smuggling Tragedy In San Antonio

***This is a developing story. Reporters will update the report as more information becomes available.

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A photo posted to Facebook on Saturday by a trans woman from San Antonio gained national media attention about potential enforceability issues of the so-called "bathroom bill"

From Texas Standard:

The Legislature’s special session begins this Tuesday. It’s 30 days long with 20 items on the agenda and Gov. Greg Abbott is calling the shots.

The city's largest and longest-running film festival will open again in August.

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

Mosquitoes aren’t just pests. They are health threats, too.

With the possibility of the mosquito-spread Zika virus and other diseases hovering over South Texas, the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District is giving away free mosquito prevention tools.


Mosquito dunks to kill larvae in standing water and mosquito repellents are being given away on a first come, first served basis at 14 clinics around the city. 

When Sierra Smith told Baylor University she’d been sexually assaulted by a classmate during a 2016 spring break trip to South Padre Island, she hoped administrators would move to protect her and other students.

During the regular legislative session, Texas lawmakers meet every two years for 140 days. The special session is best described in two words: legislative overtime.

From Texas Standard:

Former Olympic gold medalist and transgender activist, Caitlyn Jenner, is flirting with the idea of running for the U.S. Senate. So is metal-rapper Kid Rock, though his campaign website seems mostly geared toward selling trucker caps and T-shirts.

Lead in the blood stream can cause brain damage, behavioral disorders and is particularly dangerous for children, but the state of Texas is slow to inform residents how much lead is showing up in their communities.

District 5 is San Antonio's smallest by physical size and 93 percent of residents are low income. Major priorities for the district include increased public safety and much-needed improvements to basic infrastructure. 

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute /

NASA's New Horizons probe flew past Pluto two years ago, documenting our Solar System's former ninth planet, but the mission always intended to go farther.

Though New Horizons launched in 2006, NASA and San-Antonio based Southwest Research Institute didn't know where the probe would explore after its primary mission to Pluto.

In 2014, scientists settled on Kuiper belt asteroid MU69. Only now are they figuring out exactly the best route and how big the icy rock is.


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The National Museum of the American Latino Act is legislation to authorize the Smithsonian to create a museum honoring Latino Americans similar to the National Museum of African American History and Culture. While speaking at San Antonio’s Centro de Artes museum this morning Senator John Cornyn said the museum is needed. And the history and culture of American Latinos is ingrained in the fabric of America.


Norma Martinez

A person’s name can be a point of contention, especially when it’s pronounced incorrectly.  If your name is long, perhaps you shorten it.  Or if you are Hispanic, perhaps you don’t mind an Anglicized version…take “peh-REZ” instead of “PEH-rez.”

TPR’s Norma Martinez spoke to writer, performer, and social activist Irma Herrera, whose one-woman show “Why Would I Mispronounce My Own Name” encourages people to embrace the names with which they were blessed. 

Mark Hiebert Photography. Courtesy of the Briscoe Western Art Museum

TPR's Arts and Culture Reporter Jack Morgan showcases three events to catch this weekend.

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At a glance, Volcán appears to be a band straight out of a Latin American country, maybe Venezuela or Cuba. So much so that many of the band members are often caught in a guessing game of what country they originate from, especially lead singer Jose Huizar. Which rich vocals and an impeccable Latin accent, Jose fills the room with his presence and takes you to another world, far from Texas.

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