G. Harrison, courtesy of Texas Biomed

The Business Of Combating Deadly Disease Is Booming

Robert Davey is zipping up a suit his scientists wear when researching deadly pathogens. Davey directs the bio-safety level 4 lab at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio.

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Remembering Actress Mercedes McCambridge

Mar 19, 2004

McCambridge died March 2 at the age of 87. McCambridge chilled audiences in the 1970s as the voice of the Devil in The Exorcist. She won an Academy Award for her first film role -- in 1949 for All the King's Men. She also starred with Joan Crawford in Nicholas Ray's western, Johnny Guitar.


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Arts & Culture

Olmos Pharmacy

An iconic San Antonio eatery and live music mainstay makes a surprise announcement over the weekend. Olmos Pharmacy has closed down, owner Rod Campbell confirmed.

Courtesy World Heritage Festival

The World Heritage Festival takes place this week from Wednesday, Sept. 6 to Sunday, Sept. 10. 

Colleen Swain, director of the City of San Antonio's World Heritage Office, says the festival connects the five Missions and celebrates their World Heritage designation, which recognizes the importance of the landmarks on a world stage.

"We are the one and only World Heritage site in the state of Texas. There's only 23 in the United States," she says.

Siggi Ragnar

Autumn is near and arts institutions are beginning to crank up their fall seasons. 

OPERA San Antonio

OPERA San Antonio is about to stage its first production in the upcoming season.  

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