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Arts & Culture
5:24 pm
Tue October 21, 2014

San Antonio Filmmakers Take On Epic Stories

L to R: Lara Shah, Johnny Walter, Byron Brown, Brant Bumpers
Scott Langford

Imagine the largest, most epic movie possible, and then trying to remake it on a shoestring budget. A bad idea? Most definitely. But bad ideas can make for good comedy, and San Antonio filmmaker Scott Langford’s “Remake” finds three South Texas friends deciding to do a local version of “Braveheart,” of all things.

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Arts & Culture
1:17 pm
Mon October 20, 2014

At The Heart Of Canyon Lake, A Library For The Senses

With an observatory and a butterfly garden, the Tye Preston Memorial Library is much more than your regular reading room. 

“If you have a garden, and a library, you have everything you need.”

-Cicero, Roman politician and philosopher in ‘The Letters to His Friends’

The ancient Greeks clearly had their priorities right, if you have a garden and a library, you’re doing pretty well, and if you add an observatory into that mix, you’re on a roll.

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Classical Music
5:14 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

The ETA3 Trio, In Concert

L to R: Alexey Gorokholinsky, Milana Strezeva, Chelsea Knox
Nathan Cone TPR

A last-minute substitution lent some nervous energy to the ETA3 Trio’s performance on October 14 as part of the Tuesday Musical Club’s annual Artist Series. With only a few hours to rehearse, Milana Strezeva took the place of the ensemble’s regular pianist, Tomoko Nakayama, who couldn’t be released from a performance back in the group’s home base of New York.

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Arts & Culture
5:01 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Igudesman And Joo: In Theater Of The Absurd, Beautifully Blended Music Reigns Supreme

There’s a two-man act coming to San Antonio, an act unlike anything you’ve seen. I was able to track them down by phone in Cincinnati, and I have to admit, it was hilarious. (Editor's note: listening to this story will convey much more than just reading it).

It seemed an easy enough question when I asked it. “Tell me — what is it that you all do.” And yes, there it was, that first little burst of something that indicated this interview would not be quite the norm. “Ha-ha…what is it that we all do?”

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Classical Music
4:18 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

YOSA, Orchestrating The Sound Of Freedom

Troy Peters
John Clare TPR

They’re called YOSA, Youth Orchestras of San Antonio and there’s a concert coming up that has a real sizzle to it. And that concert has a decidedly interesting theme.

“Music about freedom, from different angles.”

Troy Peters is YOSA’s Music Director.

“We’ve got Aaron Copland’s 'Lincoln Portrait'—this amazing, inspiring piece of music. And then we’ve got Shostokovich’s Fifth Symphony about a composer struggling for his life in the midst of a Totalitarian regime.”

I had to ask Peters how he manifests musically concepts of freedom.

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Arts & Culture
3:28 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Intimate Impressionism In Music

Eugène Louis Boudin: "Beach at Trouville"
Credit Courtesy McNay Art Museum


It was originally a term of derision. When the art critic Louis Leroy published his satiric review of a newly made painting by Claude Monet, a work the artist titled “Impression: Sunrise,” he wrote:

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Arts & Culture
3:14 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

San Antonio Choral Society's 50th Anniversary Party

Concert in Mariahilf, Vienna
Seth Nelson

The San Antonio Choral Society’s Jennifer Seighman is back from Europe, and she’s taken note of a special date.

“This is our 50th Anniversary season, so we’ll be starting off this weekend with a 50th Anniversary Alumni Concert, which will be our chorus, joined by the orchestra and soloists. We’ll be performing the 'Gloria,' from Bach’s Mass in B-Minor. It's such an exceedingly joyous way to celebrate our fiftieth!”

Joyous it is, and very special, and a lot of planning’s gone into this.

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Arts & Culture
7:35 am
Wed October 15, 2014

Azul Barrientos: Music Flows Through Her

Azul Barrientos
Courtesy ZaaZaa Productions

Texas Public Radio’s Jack Morgan explores a beautiful story, of family, folklore and a fascinating legacy

The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center features an interesting performer this weekend. It’s Azul Barrientos. Barrientos has a haunting, evocative voice. A voice that seems steeped in culture.

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Arts & Culture
4:23 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

Alamo Basement Wants To Give Artistic Power Back To The People

Alamo Basement
courtesy John Medina

A new group with a curious name is looking to shake things up a bit on San Antonio’s Art Scene. That curious name is Alamo Basement, and if that phrase rings a bell, it’s not by accident. Think of that San Antonio scene in Pee-wee Herman’s first movie “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” The late, great Jan Hooks exclaimed to a befuddled Pee-wee, “There’s no basement at the Alamo!”  (hit "Listen" above to hear that scene)

“Yeah, y’ know, it’s kind of a clever name. I’ve always been a fan of ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’.”

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Music Interviews
3:09 pm
Mon October 13, 2014

Opera San Antonio Looks Ahead

Credit Chris Eudaily/TPR

After a successful production of his family opera "Fantastic Mr. Fox" at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, Opera San Antonio's Artistic Director Tobias Picker shares his plans for the future of the young company.  

Nathan Cone: For this first season, what are your hopes? And then what would you like to do in the future?

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