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Jack Morgan

Libraries are known as places for reading, research and other placid endeavors. But there is a library unlike that pre-conceived notion. Approaching the library an unexpected sound begins to dominate. Drumming. About a dozen people--from toddlers up to senior citizens--are in a side room at the Leon Valley Library, and they are making a big noise. 

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

There's more going on this weekend than a football game. First off, on Saturday night, get your German on!


"Everyone will be dressed up in these elaborate costumes."



Ryan Lloyd's talking about Beethoven Maennerchor's Fasching celebration. Don't know what that is? He explains.


These days, the idea of home is on the mind of the fantastically gifted singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Rokia Traoré. It's been four years since Mali, Traoré's native west African country, began descending into ongoing bedlam.

Nathan Cone / TPR

After six seasons of Winter Festivals, the San Antonio Symphony is finally getting around to Mozart. Music Director Sebastian Lang-Lessing, speaking to a crowd at the Tobin Center on Wednesday evening before a rehearsal of the latest Las Américas Festival concert, noted that the orchestra was waiting for the more finely tuned acoustics of the Tobin Center to handle the “intimate” sound of Mozart, as compared to their old home, the Majestic Theatre.

Pacific Opera Project/Martha Benedict

Opera Piccola is taking opera here where it's never before gone.

"I would describe Mozart's opera as the ultimate rescue story, and who are the ultimate rescuers but Kirk and Spock?" asks Opera Piccola's Music Director Kristin Roach.

Yes, she said Kirk and Spock. You know, Star Trek.  

"We've tried to have the best marriage of real faithfulness to Mozart's score...but also the modern twist marrying it with the Star Trek  themes and characters."