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Jennymarie Jemison

A San Antonio legend is the focus of a film being shown at The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. That film has a curious title: Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove.

courtesy Luminaria

Luminaria, which kicks off on Wednesday,  is four days of "enchantment and of fun. Some pretty mind-blowing projects," says Executive Director Kathy Armstrong.

Joyce DiDonato is one of the most acclaimed opera singers of her generation; this year, she won the Grammy for Best Classical Vocal Solo. Her latest album, In War and Peace: Harmony Through Music, is a collection of baroque arias from the 17th and 18th centuries divided into two sections — one addressing war, the other, peace.

Tippi Hedren played the beautiful blond woman that Alfred Hitchcock liked to put in peril — as in the famous scene in which she opens the door into a dark attic in The Birds, and is pecked by a flock of the title characters.

Hedren survived the attic. But those birds weren't just stuffed props — and the real menace might have been the film's eminent director.

Fiesta San Antonio Commission

The official Fiesta 2017 poster was unveiled last night. Twenty-five San Antonio area artists had submitted designs for the Fiesta San Antonio Commission’s annual contest. New Braunfels-based artist Therese Spina’s design was revealed to members and guests of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission at The Witte Museum's Mays Family Center.