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Celtic Nights

A very Irish-centric night is soon to be celebrated at the Tobin Center. It's called Celtic Nights and it isn't just singing and dance. They also mix in a heaping bit of history. Here's Ciarran Olohan.

Stage and film actor Hal Holbrook will be in San Antonio this week, and I found out, for nowhere near the first time.

"I started out in Texas," he remembered. "About 200 towns and villages in Texas."

Holbrook is talking about his one man Mark Twain stage show he wrote in college, then immediately after school, he began touring around the country. It was an amazing education for him, with lessons he's kept in the years since.

"I learned very clearly that you couldn't count on anything as an actor. And that I could be unemployed at any moment."

Jack Morgan

There's a neighborhood on San Antonio's far west side that's known for its long views and extra large garages. On a  recent Saturday morning, Ron McInnis was showing off his over-sized garage. He had taken all the paint off down to the metal. 

The garage housed a 1946 Ercoupe. "It's got about 1,700 hours on it. The engine was fairly recently re-built and it's got about 117 hours on it.  There was about 5,000 of these made. About 4,000 of them were made in 1946."

Dan Rosales, Yvette Hernandez or Jeff Moore

From Stevie Ray to Billy Joe to a very interesting bike ride--the weekend's here and it looks like fun. First off, Erik Christiansen says Sam's Burger Joint will be rockin' on Saturday night.

"Yeah, it sure will be. Six or seven of the best guitar players in the area doing a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn."

The players read like a who's who list of San Antonio ax men.

"Will Owen Gage with Ruben V., Jimmy Spacek, Adam Johnson, Bobby Mack,  Bob Charles."