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Boerne Main Square Plaza

The City of Boerne is kicking in a $30,000 initial investment to kick-start its downtown destination marketing campaign. Boerne has been a high-growth area for some time, and the city’s Special Projects Director Paul Barwick says the more visible big box stores can distract visitors from the historic downtown district.

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Azul Barrientos and Esperanza Peace and Justice Center

From classical music to Tango, there's plenty of music this weekend. First, let's start with the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio. Here's Mario Ochoa talking about the music they're playing.

Celeste Padron

A local cycling group focuses less on the ride itself than on the results of the ride. Stephanie Ward field-coordinates the efforts for Ride For Reading.

"We deliver donated books to Title One Elementary Schools in San Antonio."

If you're not sure what a Title One school is, she explains it this way.

"The majority of students qualify for the free lunch program."

That means that since there's very little money for books at home, there usually aren't books there.

SRagnar Fotografi

The new production at the Playhouse's Cellar Theater is called Tribes, and it details the often unseen and surprising nature of the ties that bind family communication together. Here's the play's Director John O'Neil talking about that family.