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Today is the birthday of sorts for Texas’ favorite brain tonic: Dr Pepper.

The first DP was served in 1885 in a Waco pharmacy by proto-soda jerk Charles Alderton, and years later the “King of Beverages” quickly gained a grassroots following throughout the southwest after its recipe began being distributed out of Dublin, Texas.

Stephanie Sant' Ambrogio

It's a San Antonio music festival originally conceived over River Walk margaritas. Stephanie Sant Ambrogio created the Cactus Pear Music Festival 20 years ago, and she says this year's fest features three themes.

"One is that on every program there is one living, American composer."

Ambrogio fights the persistent notion that chamber music is stuffy, or just for old people. Presenting new works helps combat that.

Balcones Heights Jazz Festival

San Antonio's summertime Jazz Festival heats up on Friday night. Producer Lorenzo Nastasi says that where the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival happens is a large part of its magic.

courtesy of the City of San Antonio

The Fourth of July holiday weekend promises a lot of fun locally. First off, head to Market Square for Freedom Fest.   

"Freedom Fest--we have this every year.  It's our favorite event!"

Mark Jenkins manages Market Square, and he says the music this year is top flight.

"Ruben V,  Augie Meyer, that's going to be great. Nothing like Augie. Live music 12-8p.m., three days."

Stephen Guzman

A new Art Exhibit at Say Si opens Friday with an interesting and challenging theme. First, a reminder: Say Si is a non-profit after school arts program for young people. Stephen Guzman explains their programs cover four artistic disciplines.

"Visual Arts, Media Arts, Theater Arts and New media."