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On Tuesday night, the marriage of the San Antonio film and music communities tightened as the Riffs and Reels Music Video Showcase announced its first winner of a competition that lasted four weeks. Nine pairs of local filmmakers and musicians worked together to create original music videos that showcased both the filmmakers’ and the musicians’ talents. Hosting the event was San Antonio native Sonny Melendrez, a beloved American radio personality and former host of Magic 105.3.

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A major event for a local dance organization is set for the weekend.  That organization is called the San Antonio Dance Umbrella.  

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If you want to start a fight at a ragtime concert, start mucking with the tempo of the music. YouTube videos are full of comments about how fast or slow the pianist is playing any particular piece. The King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin, himself wrote “it is never right to play Ragtime fast.” But how fast is fast? There are piano roll recordings of Joplin himself clocking in the “Maple Leaf Rag” at around 100 beats per minute.

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From a glance, Josh Glenn seems like your average folk musician. He has the requisite handsome beard and flannel shirt. While getting ready to perform in our B40 studio, he takes out his seasoned guitar and pedal assembly, connects them to an audio recorder, and starts playing various chords that are interrupted by a silence or an occasional bang on the body of his guitar. I am left very confused. Do all of his songs sound like this? They do. At the end of the performance, Josh can tell how puzzled I am and laughs.

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San Antonio International Airport is the unlikely site for one of the city's most intriguing annual rituals.