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10:40 am
Thu March 17, 2011

"Kumaré," The True Story Of A False Prophet, Wins At SXSW

Vikram Ghandi - guru?
Credit Nathan Cone

A few years ago, Vikram Gandhi began work on a documentary about the yoga industry, but the more he learned, the more interested he became in the gurus that people follow.

Gandhi began to wonder just what people believed in, and decided to find out from the inside. Gandhi grew out his hair and beard, dressed in flowing robes, moved to Phoenix, and added an “e” to his middle name to become “Kumaré.” 

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4:40 pm
Fri March 11, 2011

Genuis Within: The Inner Life Of Glenn Gould

Kino Lorber

The Canadian pianist Glenn Gould had a storybook entrance into the concert world. A famous concert in Washington D.C. of highly unusual repertoire (for the time) drew rave reviews, and shortly thereafter an exclusive recording contract with Columbia, one of this country’s biggest labels. Gould’s first release should have left classical listeners cold; he chose to an abstract sleeping pill written by J.S. Bach for a student’s insomniac patron. But surprising everyone, the album became a best seller which has not gone out of print in 55 years.

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Movie Interviews
1:39 pm
Mon December 20, 2010

Awards Season Perspective, with Amy Nicholson of Box Office Magazine

David J. Dowling

As the holiday season winds down, another season important to movie lovers is shifting into high gear.  Awards season has expanded from just the Oscar race to a dizzying parade of broadcasts and ceremonies, including the Golden Globes, the SAG Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Directors Guild Awards, and many other “kudocasts,” as the industry sometimes calls them. 

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Home Video
4:03 pm
Tue December 14, 2010

Une Brève Rencontre: Mademoiselle Chambon

Sandrine Kiberlain as Véronique.
Kino Lorber

It’s not the music of Rachmaninoff, but that of Sir Edward Elgar that informs the brief encounter depicted in "Mademoiselle Chambon."  The music, performed by the titular character in this Cesar-winning (Best Adapted Screenplay) film, appropriately communicates the longing for human connection and experience that draws Jean (Vince

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DVD Reviews
1:55 pm
Tue November 30, 2010

See The Music, Hear The Pictures, With "Fantasia"

©Disney. All rights reserved.

Whenever I’m asked to name my favorite Disney movie, I usually hesitate for a moment before answering “Fantasia.”  Not because my love for the film is any less than, say, Dumbo or Bambi, but because “Fantasia” is so strikingly different than any Disney film before or since, except for—you guessed it—"Fantasia 2000.”

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2:39 pm
Fri October 15, 2010

"The Alamo" At 50


"The Alamo" is celebrating a milestone. Fifty years ago this month, John Wayne's version of Texas' struggle for independence made its way to the big screen.  "The Alamo" was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and won one Oscar, for Best Sound.  To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the caretakers of the Alamo, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, organized a special screening of the film at San Antonio's IMAX Rivercenter Theater on Friday, October 8.  

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4:03 pm
Sat July 10, 2010

Blu-ray Review: "The Red Shoes"

Moira Shearer in "The Red Shoes."
Courtesy of the Criterion Collection.

"The Red Shoes," the rapturous 1948 British film by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, is not just a great backstage film, it’s about the burning hunger that great artists have within them to create. In fact, "The Red Shoes" even goes as far as to suggest that art is something worth dying for.  In the freshly post-war England, this must have been a daring thematic choice.  After all, citizens for years had been dying for crown and country, and now, for dance?  But for the artists of "The Red Shoes," dance they must. 

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2:18 pm
Wed June 30, 2010

YOSA's Great Tour of China: Hong Kong Concert

YOSA with the Hong Kong Youth Symphony
Credit John Clare

Enjoy two selections from YOSA on tour in China, from Hong Kong here is the Spring Festival Overture

And the combined orchestras of YOSA with the Hong Kong Youth Symphony in The Moldau; both are conducted by Troy Peters.

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TPR Cinema
12:12 pm
Mon May 10, 2010

Richard Linklater On His Dreamy "Waking Life"

© 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Are we wake-walking through our dreams, or sleep-walking through life? Or is it the reverse?

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Arts & Culture
9:48 am
Wed April 21, 2010

Girl In A Coma "On The Record" About Their Influences

Phanie Diaz, Nina Diaz, and Jenn Alva.
Josh Huskin

Onstage at the South By Southwest festival in Austin last month, Girl in a Coma played to a packed house at a club on Sixth Street with a special guest, Cherie Currie, co-founder with Joan Jett of the iconic late seventies all-female band, The Runaways.  Girl in a Coma’s bassist Jenn Alva says it was a real “rock star” moment for her.

“I guess we really never think about ‘Oh, we’re so cool,’ but when we were the backup band for her, we just felt like, ‘YEAH!,” says Alva. 

Drummer Phanie Diaz, laughing, pipes in, “Yeah, Jenn’s lips naturally snarled!”

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