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Stephen Guzman

A new Art Exhibit at Say Si opens Friday with an interesting and challenging theme. First, a reminder: Say Si is a non-profit after school arts program for young people. Stephen Guzman explains their programs cover four artistic disciplines.

"Visual Arts, Media Arts, Theater Arts and New media."

A year to the day after getting World Heritage status, the Missions National Park faces an uncomfortable deadline.  And that deadline involves a lot of money. Susan Chandoah runs Los Compadres, the Missions National Park friends group. 

"Our Missions grant is for $236,000."

That $236,000 is a slice of $2 million that are being given to several National Parks in a peculiar contest of sorts. That contest is one that you can actually participate in.

City of San Antonio

The Neighborhood Film Project wraps up on Wednesday night. Debbie Racca-Sittre is the Department for Culture and Creative Development's interim director.

"We really try to bring people in from across the city so that they can showcase their own film making abilities, and tell about their community, their neighborhoods in a short film."

The band Winger is perhaps best remembered for its late 1980s rock anthems, like "Seventeen." Its musicians could play. They wrote catchy songs, and of course, they had the hair. MTV viewers ate it up.

"Me being the Peter Pan of rock that I was, doing double pirouettes with my bass and you know, a real ham in the camera, it took off," says Kip Winger, the group's lead singer and bassist, who formed the band after touring with Alice Cooper in the late '80s.

Nathan Cone / TPR

With a manager, late summer studio plans with a high profile producer and songwriter, and all the members of the group finally in one city once again (drummer Nate Keeney just graduated from Texas Tech University and returned to San Antonio), things are starting to happen for The Native Roar.