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Mary McCartney

After detours into snoozing '70s soft rock, 1920s jazz, and bossa nova on her last three albums respectively, Diana Krall returns to the small group + orchestra sound she does so well for her best studio album of standards since 1999’s “When I Look In Your Eyes.” This new release, “Turn Up The Quiet,” finds Krall collaborating with many of her previous

The current reprise of "The Art of American Popular Song" on KPAC, KTXI, and online at TPR.ORG is presented as a parallel to the current exhibition at the McNay Art Museum's Brown Gallery - "Broadway: 100 Years of Musical Theatre." This "video prelude," in three parts, focuses on intersections of the radio series and the McNay exhibit. The three short videos, preludes to The Art of Cole Porter,  spotlight artwork by Joseph Urban, Don Jensen, Rouben TerArutunian, and Martin Pakledinaz, all hanging at the McNay's Brown Gallery through June 18.

Public art is often something you may find on a street corner or in a park.   But what makes it public?    Some San Antonio citizens are finding out as they help plan for a piece of public art that will be installed on one of the most historic stretches of their city.

On a sunny, humid April weekend, a group of about 40 community members gathers at Blue Star Contemporary, a San Antonio contemporary art space along the river.  Artist Margarita Cabrera asked them here to share stories of San Antonio, its missions, and its ranches.

courtesy of the City of San Antonio

From great classical music, to great classical theater, to a Cinco de Mayo celebration--your Weekend is here!

First off tonight, head to Boerne for a Musical Bridges Around the World performance. Here's Suhail Arastu.

"So, tonight, we kick off the closing of our season with Black Swan. Boerne Public Library at 6:30 p.m. Two amazing artists--Tim Fain and Robert Koenig.

"If you've seen the film Black Swan you've heard his work and assisted with the score."

Gift of Robert L. B. Tobin TL1999.89 / The McNay

Remember the kid in elementary school, maybe junior high (I'm showing my age), who always sat in class drawing pictures? I recall those people and how I wondered what in the world they were going to do with their lives. Sure, I wished I could draw like they did, but I always knew that if I were to make anything of myself I needed to pay attention in class and do my assignments.