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Few periods of country music history have received more popular attention (or rock press) than the outlaw movement. Decades later, its towering personas — Willie and Waylon chief among them — remain a subject of fascination, immortalized as leathery, long-haired stoners and speed freaks who operated entirely outside the law of the country music establishment. By the time the movement had run its course, it had become a marketing tool for the industry.

Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio is a crossroads of many things, perhaps nowhere more than in the world of music. And there’s one San Antonian who stands at the odd crossroads in the world of punk and conjunto music.

What's It Gonna Take To Build A Texas Music Museum?

May 31, 2018

From Texas Standard:

The Lone Star State boasts a rich musical heritage. From Willie Nelson to Joe Ely, Selena to Beyoncé, the state has produced hitmakers and tastemakers in many genres. So why is there no museum of Texas music? A Texas Monthly editor wonders that, too, and he wants help from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Courtesy Slab Cinema

A new film festival will celebrate and highlight the work of one of the state's most ambitious filmmakers.

Slab Cinema will show the works of Wes Anderson, the Texas-based director from Houston.

The #MeToo movement has been a cultural reckoning across industries, from Hollywood to restaurants — but one of the oldest that's been affected is classical music. In March, James Levine, a longtime conductor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, was fired for allegations of sexual misconduct. And now, centuries-old works from Carmen to Don Giovanni are being challenged for misogynistic plots and themes.