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I need a book doctor.

If you haven’t heard that term before, a book doctor is someone who will take a presumably moribund manuscript, put it on a strict regimen of big picture prescriptions – a look with a tongue depressor down the throat of the thing, shining a light there to see about improving development, structure, organization, and flow. The closer, more surgical examination to get at finer, more granular line edits can go to an editor or proofreader. A book doctor looks at the macroeconomics of these created worlds.


From an exhibition closing to Christopher Cross to a killer Houston band, the weekend is here. 

First off, a major exhibition closes this Sunday, but McNay Director Rich Aste says you've got one last chance to catch it.

"Yeah, it's a heartbreaking moment for us to say goodbye to Monet to Matisse, a Century of French Moderns, really showcasing the avant garde that blazed new trails for artistic excellence in the last century," he says.

Gift of Robert L. B. Tobin / McNay Art Museum

KPAC's "The Art of American Popular Song" approaches the end of the line (for the series, not popular song!) with this celebration of great craftsmen. Vernon Duke, Arthur Schwartz, Harry Warren, Kay Swift, Hoagy Carmichael, Vincent Youmans, and Kurt Weill are featured alongside Hugh Martin, who at the time of the original production was the only of the songwriting legends of the first half of the twentieth century still alive.