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From Mozart to Barbershop to music from the Chitlin' Circuit, we've found that there's a lot going on this weekend. Starting with tonight and tomorrow there's a whole lot o' singin' going on.

"We've brought about 2100 people from all over the country to spend a weekend making music together."

Bryan Lynch is talking about the Barbershop Harmony Convention--which is a member event--but they also perform for the general public.

From Texas Standard:

Popeye – the spinach-swillin, pipe-smokin cartoon sailor man who popped up in the 1920s – is surrounded by controversy in many a comic and cartoon. But to this day, one Popeye controversy is taking place off-screen: where Popeye’s hometown is located.

Some say he’s from Victoria, Texas. Others are not so sure.

From Texas StandardTerry Allen is a mixed-media southwestern storyteller. David Byrne is a fan of his and a former collaborator. Ryan Bingham and Lucinda Williams are among the dozens of famous musicians who've covered his songs. His artwork is in the collections of the Met, MoMA, the Hirschorn, and various art museums around Texas. He’s written award-winning plays and cemented a reputation as a creative renaissance man.

Nathan Cone / TPR

What did I do last year? 2016 was a whirlwind of parenting, work, movies and reacting to one more piece of bad news after another, many of them having to do with the deaths of some of my musical heroes. Despite the feeling of “burn baby burn” many of us had about 2016 at the end of the year, there were some great things that happened as well. Let me preface my personal list here by saying that I’m a working dad and husband whose chief responsibilities are homework-checker and kid-shuttler, so I don’t get to see and hear everything. Or even a lot of things.