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Antonio Cisneros

Monday is a significant day, especially in a place like San Antonio.  And there's no one better to explain why than Urban 15's Catherine Cisneros.

"Monday is the summer solstice."

The solstice marks the longest day of the year, but to understand why it's important to Urban 15, you need some back story, which is centered at San Antonio International Airport.

Siggi Ragnar

A new Attic Rep production at the Tobin's Carlos Alvarez Theater is getting a lot of attention. Playwright Roberto Prestigiacomo says there was a person and an event that spawned his production titled "14." 

"'14' is inspired by my daughter, who is 14."

The event that spurred the production was the terrorist attacks of 2001.   

"After 9-11 life got more dangerous for everybody, especially for our younger generation."

Steel House Lofts

You may have noticed the unusual structure perched on top of some residential lofts on South Flores here in San Antonio.  The 30-feet tall, conical-roofed shape is just like the steel water tanks that used to be there. Except the one on the Steel House Lofts isn't made of steel, doesn't hold water and is wildly colorful.

Texas Folklife Festival

Your  weekend holds music, culture, poetry and non-competitive walking, so let's get started. Up in Fredericksburg the American Volkssport Association wants you to get up off your butt. Susan Medlin says "We're America's walking club."

As to who that "we" is who can walk, it could be most anyone. 

"We welcome everyone from the toddler in the stroller to the 90-year-old person with the cane."


UPDATE, June 20: The winners of this year's San Antonio International Piano Competition are:

  • Gold Medalist: Scott Cuellar
  • Silver Medalist: Sung Chang
  • Bronze Medalist: Osip Nikoforov

Congratulations to the winners!

The video at the bottom of this page now links to the final round of competition.

UPDATE, 9:45 p.m. Thursday: Five competitors have advanced to the final round for the 2016 San Antonio International Piano Competition. They are: