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Decorative sugar skulls line the front of the colorful, four-tiered altar. Cempasúchiles in bloom are scattered between painted skeletons, unlit candles and plates of food resting on pink papel picado, an intricately designed tissue paper.

Three banners hang above the display. In the center, La Catrina, the female skeletal figure that has become an icon for the occasion, is painted with a declaration: Día De Muertos. Day of the Dead.

Tom Pich

In the late 1940s, a proud father put a small accordion into the hands of his determined 4-year-old daughter. Little Eva Ybarra doggedly persevered against the naysayers, who told her a female accordionist would never make it — and she rose to conjunto royalty. Now, she’s considered the “queen of the accordion.”

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Youth Orchestras of San Antonio is hoping to take listeners on an adventure this weekend. And the nature of the music that YOSA's Troy Peters has selected ensures it will be quite theatrical.


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A much-acclaimed documentary will be screened Saturday at Our Lady of the Lake University. The film focuses on what's called honor killing. Mary Ann Smothers Bruni says most Americans have a skewed understanding of what honor killings even are.  



"The film is about women in Iraq trying to stop honor killing. We always think this is a Muslim thing. I don't agree with that at all,” she said. “When I was at University of Madrid at graduate school, honor killing was considered Roman Catholic and the church did not deny it."

This may not be good news for your waistline, but your sweet tooth might appreciate it: Halloween candy sales are crackerjack this year.

"Consumer confidence is riding high, so consumers are likely to splurge a little more on edible goodies," David Deull, a senior economist with IHS Markit, said in his analysis of 2017 Halloween spending.

Halloween candy sales are expected to rise 4.1 percent from last year, reaching a seasonally adjusted $4.1 billion, he said.