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Talking to members of the San Antonio six-piece band fishermen, it’s clear the guys aren’t fooling around. Of all the groups that came to our studios this summer for our “Back 40” live music project, they’re the only ones that brought their manager along. That they even have a manager is also telling.

“When did we not need a manager?” jokes bass player Roy Scavone.


On my DVD shelf at home I have two volumes of Tom & Jerry cartoons, three sets of Looney Tunes, four packs of Donald Duck shorts, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Woody Woodpecker, not to mention various rarities from the Disney archives that have been released over the years. Most of the short films on those DVDs span the Golden Age of Animation, ushered in by Mickey Mouse in 1928 and lasting until roughly the 1960s, when television became a more lucrative option for producing animated shorts than theatrical distribution.

Enid Krueger

At 17, Muffin Russell is already an accomplished singer. With multiple competitions behind her – including not just a few wins – she’s poised and confident in performance, with a talent few teenagers can imagine.

On Sunday, August 16th, The Saint Peter & Paul Young Artist Recital Series presented Russell in her first solo recital, and it is a preview of greatness to come. With Zachary Ridgway accompanying her, she performed a full recital of 13 pieces by Mozart, Handel, Gilbert and Sullivan and more.  

Beth Graham

Shakespeare in the Park is back, but those expecting it to be in the Botanical Gardens should note: it's not going to be there. More on that further down. This year's production is called The Winter's Tale and Director Beth Lopes described it this way.  

“It’s a romance, is the category. It also could be called a problem play.  Mostly because there are equal parts comedy and drama.”

I had to ask “Shakespeare—aren’t they all problem plays of some kind?”  Lopes laughed.