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An actor who's became a huge star of movies and television is now bringing a different talent to the San Antonio stage.

You may know Jane Lynch from her time as the tough-talking coach on Glee. But she displayed none of that when we spoke over the phone about her See Jane Sing tour coming to the Empire Theatre on Sunday. Turns out she was here just recently.



Todd Johnson/courtesy of the Linda Pace Foundation

SoFlo's Chris Park is just less than an acre, but now it's about to get a little bigger.  First, here's the Linda Pace Foundation's Kelly O'Connor on its origins.

"Chris Park is a park in memory to Linda Pace's son, Chris Goldsbury.  A place where people could come and play with their children, bring their dogs on leashes, a place to experience joy."

Joe Aparicio

This weekend is full of music of all kinds around the area.

"This Sunday is the opening recital for the Piano Competition."

Dr. Anna Armstrong is talking about the San Antonio International Piano Competition happening all this week at Trinity University's Ruth Taylor Recital Hall.

"And we will feature Ms. Lo-An Lin, who was the Gold Medalist from 2012.  For this year's competition we had 98 applicants from 21 countries."

Daniel A. Swalec

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most iconic stories of American popular culture. Created originally in novel form,  in 1939 a Judy Garland film was produced, and then in 2011 Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice adapted it for the stage.