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Josh Huskin

The McNay Art Museum revealed its new director today. Rich Aste comes here most recently from New York City, but has lived all over.

"My family is Peruvian and Bolivian. I was born in Lima in 1970. We were only there a year, and then we immigrated to Miami. So I claim Miami as my home town."

His most recent work was at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which constructed a rigorous gauntlet for curators to run before creating an exhibition.

Jack Morgan

The city unveiled its new river barge this morning.

Speakers blared Tina Turner's Rollin' on the River as the city's bright new prototype coasted under Rosita's Bridge and docked at the Arneson River Theatre. Dozens of dignitaries and city leaders unloaded and spoke, starting with Mayor Ivy Taylor.

The new design is bold, innovative, and reflects the character of San Antonio and its people.

City Manager Sheryl Scully reminded us of how the city had collaborated with the American Institute of Architects on the project.  

©Simon Fowler / Decca/Universal

About eight minutes into the first movement of Dmitri Shostakovich’s first violin concerto, with soloist Nicola Benedetti, the orchestra trades melodies with the solo violin. The whole movement has been a dense musical search, and if it doesn’t exactly open into a clearing, there is a sense of orchestra and soloist working in perfect harmony. I thought to myself, “That’s some pretty good soundboard mixing” until I remembered I was merely listening to a perfect melding of soloist and ensemble!

San Antonio Symphony

This Saturday, July 30, the San Antonio Symphony returns to the airwaves for a ten-week series of concerts featuring some of the orchestra’s best performances from the 2015-16 season. The programs, hosted by San Antonio’s Ricardo Chavira, air at 7 p.m. Saturdays as part of TPR’s ongoing “Performance Saturday” program featuring locally recorded classical music concerts.

Wikimedia commons

The dog days of summer are filled with great music! Don’t believe me? Head to the University of the Incarnate Word this week, where the sixth annual Mozart Festival Texas is taking place.