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April Ceja Rocha

A San Antonian who made a huge impact in Austin music but returned to San Antonio for her last years of life has passed on. 

Kelley Kendall

A new parking garage will open this week in downtown San Antonio and it could make a big difference for local art lovers because of its location.

Tom Pich/Courtesy the Artist

This weekend, enjoy a special program on Texas Public Radio celebrating the many sounds that make up the sounds of San Antonio. Hosted by Nick Spitzer, this special edition of the public radio program "American Routes" focuses on the music of the River City.

Courtesy photo

In an era where anyone can with a Macbook can produce music, Tera Ferna shows us the importance of an honest-to-goodness, flesh-and-blood band. With their “soul rock” style and brotherly bonds, the band merges four highly distinctly individuals into one fresh and smooth-running musical machine.