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A late venue change for the Tuesday Musical Club’s most recent concert led to a 15-minute delay in showtime, but it was worth the wait. Pianist Charlie Albright breathed life into old standards and even created a fully-formed composition on the spot, using four notes suggested to him by the audience. The impromptu composition was just one highlight of many on the program, which Albright capped with two encores.

© Stefan Höderath / DG

Virtuoso violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter isn’t waiting around for young people to come to the concert hall anymore. For her latest album, she takes the music to their house, performing with Lambert Orkis, Mahan Esfahani, and her young Mutter Virtuosi at a nightclub in Berlin.

A weekend that’s even fuller than most is nearly here.  We spoke to the Woodlawn Theatre's Kurt Wehner about their production of American Idiot.

"American Idiot, it follows the Rock Opera of Green Day’s American Idiot album, and it follows the story of three friends that are a little disillusioned with their lives.”

The original Broadway smash, and the Woodlawn production, details how their lives unravel.

Houston Hobby Airport
Tommy Gregory

 The City of Houston has installed works of art in the new international concourse at Houston's Hobby Airport, art that was chosen partly for its ability to help make travelers feel happier. Houston airport system curator Tommy Gregory told the Houston Chronicle, "Artwork is the lightest part of the airport. It's meant to ease the transition" for travelers.  The new concourse opened Oct. 15. The new works include Henrique Oliveira's painting titled "Travessia." The acrylic on canvas greets the public with a blast of wavy-lined colors.