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Collection of the McNay Art Museum, Gift of Robert L. B. Tobin, TL1984.1.659.

Robert Tobin, the namesake of The Tobin Collection of Theatre Arts, was a collector from an early age. He had acquired a love of the theatre, and in particular the musical theatre, from his mother, Margaret Batts Tobin, well-known and respected in arts circles for her service to the McNay Art Museum. She also sat on the advisory board of the Metropolitan Opera. Beverly Sills said of Robert Tobin: ''He and his mother were two of the most generous patrons of the arts I have ever known."

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Here is a snapshot of just a few of the events in San Antonio and beyond. First let’s stop at the Carver Cultural Center where Teresa Vasquez Romero tells us about Saturday’s concert by Vusi Mahlasela.


“He is a South African singer/songwriter and musician and he’s often held as the voice of South Africa. He always has universal messages of freedom and human kindness. He’s actually played with many well-known musicians such as the Dave Matthews Band, Sting, Josh Groban.”

George Daugherty

The San Antonio Symphony tackles a difficult series of works this weekend, but if you go, you might end up laughing at their efforts. That's because they're doing cartoon music. 

“The first thing you know it from that theme…” (Hit "Listen" above to hear more)

Conductor George Daugherty is talking about the Merrie Melodies theme from back in the old Bugs Bunny cartoon days.

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Although it’s been a couple of weeks since the South By Southwest Film Festival ended, I can’t stop thinking about Lamb. The film, based on the prize-winning novel by Bonnie Nadzam, is about David Lamb, an emotionally adrift middle-aged man who forms a curious friendship with Tommie, an 11-year-old girl, following the death of his father, and in the aftermath of his own divorce.


In 2006, Pierre Morel directed “Taken,” which became a sleeper hit in part due to the surprise of dramatic actor Liam Neeson fitting snugly into the role of action hero. The story was personal and yet lean, the plot was simple, but engaging. The film had momentum and really didn’t stop. Which of course has led to not-so-stellar sequels and numerous copycats. Perhaps with “The Gunman” Morel can find his footing again and recreate the intense action we’ve come to known. Does he succeed? Well yes and no.