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Kino Lorber

Even if you have never seen “One Million Years B.C.,” it’s entirely possible you’re familiar with the iconic promotional photos for the film. Think of a buckskin-bikini-clad Raquel Welch, arms bent at the elbow, looking out into the distance. And indeed this image does give an idea of what the film has to offer if you’re not here for the stop-motion dinosaurs or awe-inspiring tale. Originally produced in 1965 by the U.K.’s Hammer Films, a studio most famous in the U.S.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, turns out there's lots of rock-n-roll, plus a surprising bit of history. The Bullock Museum's Kate Betz says their Austin museum, will be rockin' this weekend, and she suggests you come a knockin'.

"The exhibit Pride and Joy, the Texas Blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn is opening at the Bullock State History Museum this weekend."

A noble beast gets shackled, ape-napped from his island home and dragged to America in:

  • Minute 84 of 1933's landmark King Kong,
  • Minute 90 of 1976's Jeff Bridge/Charles Grodin/"and introducing Jessica Lange"-starring King Kong, and
  • Minute 135 of Peter Jackson's 2005 prestige pic King Kong — which, at three hours and change, qualifies as the most Kong-sized of the bunch.

Yinan Chen / Wikimedia Commons

Last Monday, February 27th, SOLI Chamber Ensemble and the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio presented the premiere of Ballads of the Borderland at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Why Texas Is King in the World of College Chess

Mar 7, 2017

From Texas Standard:

Texas is the land of the gridiron. But what about just…the grid? You know, 64 squares, 32 pieces, knights, rooks, kings, queens. It turns out Texas is a hub for elite college chess.