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Musical Bridges Around the World

Electric cars, a sizzling international collaboration, and music that defies definition.  These are just a few of the things that you ought to consider doing this weekend. Let's start with the San Antonio Electric Vehicle Club: they're hitting the road to Boerne's Patrick Heath Public Library.

Cheryl J Beck, CJB Digital Imaging, Boerne Spotlights

It's the area's art  event with perhaps the oddest title.  It's called the Boerne Art Waddle. That's waddle, as in ducks.

"The reason it's called the Waddle's because we're on the Cibolo Creek and sometimes you can see ducks walking in the neighborhood."

Mary Morton's talking about Boerne's downtown offshoot called The Flats. And the Art Waddle is an art show scattered through that neighborhood.

A major music festival is taking place in San Antonio this week -- It’s the Tejano Conjunto Festival.

Juan Tejeda is a Palo Alto College professor who also directs the festival. As to what makes music conjunto, he says it started with the accordion brought to Texas by Europeans.

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Sometimes even a beautiful new concert hall isn’t enough to bring ‘em in. What can you do? For some members of the San Antonio Symphony, the answer is to take the show to the people.

“The Tobin is of course an amazing venue, but there’s a lot of space between us and [the audience], and also maybe a little bit of intimidation that such a nice concert hall puts on the listener,” explains symphony cellist Ryan Murphy. “We can’t even see individual faces a lot of the time.”

San Antonio Film Commission

A San Antonio filmmaker just got a big boost in his efforts to produce his film.  That boost is in the form of a grant he got from a group that likes films to be shot in South Texas. Here's prize winner Fidel Ruiz-Healy.

"The San Antonio Film Commission, through the local filmmaker's grant, awarded me $25,000 in matching funds for a script I submitted to shoot in San Antonio and the South Texas region."

The key phrase there is "matching funds"--Ruiz-Healy has already raised $25,000 towards completing his film. He clearly already has some skin in the game.