Border & Immigration

Sierra Club

President Trump’s proposed border wall may be coming sooner than expected to Texas. Environmental activists in the Rio Grande Valley say they've learned the federal government selected the Santa Ana National Refuge as one of the first sites for construction.

Joey Palacios / TPR

  This week on Fronteras: 


  • Horror unfolds as immigrants seeking a new life die overcome by extreme heat in the back of a trailer truck in San Antonio.  The Mexican government steps in to help the survivors.
  •  Human smuggling and human trafficking are two very different crimes.
  •   A look at how horses are effectively helping agents patrol the border in the Rio Grande Valley.
  •  A veteran activist serving two causes creates a show merging gay rights and Chicano history.  
  •  Using once segregated public swimming pools at a place for integrated audiences to enjoy dance performance art.


Norma Martinez

Dan Guerrero is an activist, a producer, and a performer.  His one-man show “Gaytino: Made in America” is a journey through his life, Chicano history, and gay activism.   TPR’s Norma Martinez had a chance to talk with the 76-year-old actor and his journey as a Latino LGBT activist. 

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

The tragic heat deaths of 10 people being illegally transported from Laredo to San Antonio prompted compassion and political gamesmanship from Texas politicos.

Lorne Matalon

This week on Fronteras: 

  •  Increasing danger for journalists covering organized crime across the border in Mexico.
  •  Environmentalists file against the U.S. government claiming President Trump’s border wall will harm endangered species.
  •   Are confederate monuments a symbol of racism?
  •  Performer and social activist Irma Herrera makes the case for respecting the pronunciation of a person’s name.
  •  For refugee students, getting through school can be tough.  That’s why a Dallas couple says they’re helping kids in their neighborhood.