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From Texas Standard:

We’re only a few weeks into the Trump administration and the president has come out swinging when it comes to both illegal and legal immigration. He’s signed executive orders – one that paves the way for a wall along the United States-Mexico border and another that placed a travel ban on immigrants from certain countries.

In line with Trump’s restrictive policies on immigration into the country, two U.S. senators filed a bill Tuesday that seeks to reduce immigration further.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio



This week on Fronteras: 


·         Texas Governor Greg Abbott makes good on his promise to cut government funding to sanctuary cities.


·         President Trump’s immigration freeze motivates protesters to rally nationwide and in Texas.


·         The nation’s first Latino Poet Laureate shares his thoughts on the president’s proposed border wall.


·         Repeal of Obamacare could affect programs that care for people who don’t have health insurance. .


·         A North Texas volunteer program that helps families save money during tax season.

From Texas Standard:

The 10th Amendment, the Tea Party and sanctuary cities are three things that one wouldn’t imagine having much in common. But they do – perhaps now more than ever.

A few years ago conservatives pointed to the 10th Amendment, which safeguards states’ rights, as a bulwark against orders from the Obama administration.

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This week on Fronteras:   


·         President Trump takes action to build his promised border wall.   While there is some congressional opposition, those who patrol the border support it.  We hear from both sides.


·         Governor Abbott’s threat to remove a Texas Sheriff who won’t detain immigrants without a warrant rallies her supporters.


·         Although repealing the Affordable Care Act is on the president’s agenda, there’s still time to sign up through January 31st.



The U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear the case involving the Texas Voter I.D. Law.


Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Both Texas Governor Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump called for an end to sanctuary cities on Wednesday.