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Texas Parks and Wildlife

State officials are again reminding Texas boaters to clean their boats before leaving a waterway to help cut down on the spread of zebra mussels, following the infestation in yet another Texas lake.  

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials reported Friday that the Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir near Belton in Central Texas has become infested with the invasive species. Survey sites throughout the reservoir all were documented on July 25 with zebra mussels infestations.

Wikimedia Commons / U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Galveston County health officials say it is safe to go in the water.

It turns out, the flesh-eating bacteria reported in the news media this month was never the danger for the population at large that it seemed to be.


Galveston County health officials have fielded hundreds of calls about flesh-eating bacterial infections – first, a Jacinto City man who got sick waited four days to go to the hospital and wound up losing a leg. Another person who was exposed became sick but did not suffer such extreme health consequences.

President Obama and his counterparts from Canada and Mexico are preparing to unveil an ambitious new goal for generating carbon-free power when they meet this week in Ottawa.

The three leaders are expected to set a target for North America to get 50 percent of its electricity from nonpolluting sources by 2025. That's up from about 37 percent last year.

Aides acknowledge that's a "stretch goal," requiring commitments over and above what the three countries agreed to as part of the Paris climate agreement.

It's a free movie night for those interested in wildlife, especially on the San Antonio River! 

This evening is the San Antonio River Authority's Third Annual Environmental Film Fest in honor of National Rivers Month.

The river authority conducts efforts throughout the year to help residents and visitors learn about the importance of the ecosystem on the San Antonio River and the surrounding areas.