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Ryan E. Poppe

The U.S. Senate’s Number 2 in charge, Texas Senator John Cornyn, visited with community groups in Austin on Monday to sell his plan for gun control through more mental health testing.  But some gun control advocates are saying Cornyn’s plan actually would make guns more available to people with mental illness.

From Texas Standard:

Earlier this month, a lineup in the U.S. Senate press room showed Democrats and Republicans standing together showing rare agreement over a comprehensive criminal justice bill.

TX Rep. Bill Flores To Run For U.S. House Speaker

Oct 12, 2015
Chris Maddaloni / Texas Tribune

*Editor's note: This story has been updated to include details from an email sent out by Rep. Bill Flores.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Bill Flores, R-Bryan, said Monday he intends to seek the gavel of the United States House of Representatives. 

Ryan E. Poppe

The U.S. Supreme Court has set a date to hear oral arguments in a case that challenges universities using race as a component of their admissions policy.  In 2008, Abigail Fisher sued the University of Texas at Austin after she failed to get into UT because of what she and her attorneys label as racial discrimination.

Ryan E. Poppe

Governor Greg Abbott wants the Texas Supreme Court to send the state’s school finance lawsuit back to the lower court.