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Texas Tribune

The head of Texas’ Republican Party agrees with Donald Trump’s ongoing concerns about there being voter fraud during this November’s election.  Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler says voter fraud is a rampant problem we know is happening in Texas.

Mechler says he’s seen proof that voter fraud is a problem in the Lone Star State.

“The problem has been in the Democrat-controlled areas of the state, in the Valley there has been issues and they’ve had issues in the Primary Election where their own candidates are being cheated of their election results," Mechler says.

From Texas Standard:

After last night's debate, dictionary maker Merriam-Webster reported that searches for "hombre" spiked 120,000 percent, as did look-ups for its homonyms ombre and ombré.

Jennifer Mercieca, a professor at Texas A&M and rhetoric analyst, says Trump's use of hombre was a "cartoonish portrayal of immigrants."



Bexar County taxpayers are spending millions of dollars each year to house immigrants in the county jail.  County commissioners and the sheriff want the federal government to better reimburse local taxpayers who are picking up the bill.

Well, maybe.

Democrats have fantasized about turning Texas blue for a long time. And Hillary Clinton sees a slight opportunity to do that.

Ryan Poppe

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein finished her tour of the Lone Star State with two stops in Austin on Monday.  Stein, during her speech, to supporters said one of the biggest challenges has been competing for undecided voters in order to count as a major political party.

“If we get to 5 percent then it’s a whole new ballgame; then we’re on the ballot, we’re a recognized political party," Stein told reporters. The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Stein with 2 percent of the overall national vote.