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Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio has moved a step closer to adopting a steep increase in water rates. City staff members are asking the council to approve a combined 15 percent rate increase over the next two years.


City Chief Financial Officer Ben Gorzell told council members the incremental rate increases are needed to replace aging wastewater lines and guarantee a new water supply. That includes building the 142-mile Vista Ridge pipeline that would deliver water from Burleson County about 30 miles from College Station.


From Texas Standard:

In 2013, when Ivy Taylor – now the mayor of San Antonio – told council members she would oppose a sweeping non-discrimination ordinance there, the self-described Democrat was roundly criticized by many on the left.

Her response was telling: "I will not sacrifice my core values and beliefs for political gain," she said. "And if that was the expectation for me as a black woman... you've got the wrong sister in this seat."

Planned Parenthood


Similar to Louisiana’s initiative, Texas’ Health and Human Services officials have informed Planned Parenthood their Medicaid funding is being severed.  The state’s effort to cut the organization off from any public money is being headed up by the Governor’s office.


In a letter to all Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas, state health officials and the state’s Inspector General announced they were kicking the organization out of the state’s Medicaid program. 


From Texas Standard:

Election day may be on Nov. 3, but early voting in Texas officially starts today, and runs through October 30.

Chuck Lindell, state capitol reporter for the Austin American-Statesman, tells Texas Standard about the constitutional amendments on the ballot this year .


From Texas Standard:

Just shy of his first year in office, Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has certainly made good on one important campaign promise – giving the General Land Office (GLO) a reboot.