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Ryan E. Poppe

For hunters like Tom Buckley deer hunting is a tradition passed down from one generation to another.  And this week it’s been all about preparing for the hunt.  But as he confidently pitches 50-pound bags of deer corn in the bed of his faded pickup in Cedar Park, Buckley explains why he isn’t concerned about the possibility that Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD has moved from deer breeding farms into the state’s wild white-tail deer population.

From Texas Standard:

The Texas legislature meets for 140 days every two years, but lawmakers are already starting to get to work. In 14 months, the 85th legislative session begins. Both Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Speaker of the House Joe Straus have given legislators some homework before the start of the session. These interim charges suggest in-depth studies of what top state officials think are the most important issues for the next legislative session.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Education is the top priority for two candidates who will be in a run-off election for Texas House District 118. A Republican businessman and Democratic school board member survived the six-way race and will face off to fill the seat being vacated by Rep. Joe Farias, a democrat.

Republican John Lujan captured 29 percent of the early vote and kept that lead through election night. He’s




In 2007, the El Paso Independent School District accused Laura and Michael McIntyre of failing to teach their nine children reading, writing and math.


District officials said an uncle reported the parents weren’t teaching the subjects because they were waiting “to be raptured”- waiting to be transported to heaven when Jesus reappears on earth.  


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The State of Texas can no longer lay claim to the title of “State with the most gun sales.”  The latest numbers on firearm purchases even prompted Governor Greg Abbott to put out an online message that he was embarrassed by the news.

The figures are based off of the number of requests the FBI receives to conduct criminal background checks for new gun purchases.  Two years ago following the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, gun sales were at an all-time high in Texas.