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Potholes are a persistent problem all around San Antonio. City council is hoping to make a dent in repairs by city increasing the number of crews on the streets. The proposed city budget that begins in October could fund an expanded effort to patch the missing pieces of the roads.


For drivers in San Antonio, many, like Hector Garza can’t go a day without seeing a pothole.

For years the G.J. Sutton building has housed hundreds of state employees.   The 100-year old building is a massive complex that is one of the first structures to greet visitors entering San Antonio’s Eastside community.   In the last few years the building has fallen into disrepair and a colony of bats have moved in.

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Bexar County Republicans gathered for Thursday night’s presidential debate applauded Donald Trump’s brash, unfiltered comments. But many were more interested in the performance of a fellow Texan. 

The hype leading up to the first Republican presidential debate was all about the irreverent, colorful, sometimes insulting front-runner, Donald Trump. He had Bexar Republicans howling as he fielded an early question about his credibility with female voters after he’s referred to women as “fat pigs, dogs, slobs fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

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Confusion over Texas' voter photo identification requirement potentially discouraged as many as 9 percent of registered voters from going to the polls in the November 2014 elections in the Latino-majority U.S. Congressional District 23 (CD-23), according to a new study by Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy and the University of Houston Hobby Center for Public Policy.

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It was 50 years ago this week that President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act.

The law that sought to end the Jim Crow practice of blocking African Americans from the voting booth. It was later expanded to include Latinos in Texas.

The Voting Rights Act is just part of a battery of civil rights reforms and anti-poverty laws that LBJ was responsible for. Yet some still wonder about what Johnson’s legacy will be as the passage of time brings new filters to examine his record of accomplishments and failures.