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Ryan E. Poppe

This year, no Texas deer rancher has suffered more than Robert Patterson who owns the Texas Mountain Ranch in Medina County. 

In June, a two-year old buck died from a broken neck at his ranch. Voluntary testing confirmed that it had Chronic Wasting Disease, an illness that prompts deer to stop eating.

Since then Texas Parks and Wildlife officials have euthanized 42 more of Patterson’s deer and found 3 positive for the disease. Patterson says that’s cost him almost a half-million dollars in livestock. 

City of San Antonio

San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley has presented the city council with a $2.5 billion proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2016 which begins in October of this year. The city is increasing funding for infrastructure projects while slightly lowering the property tax rate.

Perry for President Campaign

Texas will be well represented in the first GOP presidential debate Thursday that’s being broadcast by Fox TV.  But the Texan who led the state Republican Party for more than a decade didn’t make the cut. 

As expected Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul- all raised in Texas -will be invited to the first debate being held in Cleveland.  They’ve consistently polled in the top third of the 17 GOP candidates, and polling numbers were used to decide which 10 would be invited. 

Austin-born Carly Fiorina didn’t make it. 

Ryan E. Poppe


Republicans are saying little about whether they’ll support indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton, but some tea party Republicans are still standing behind him.



For some of those who served alongside Paxton during his time in the Texas House, there is no question whether he deserved to be indicted for securities fraud.  Mineola State Rep. Bryan Hughes is a longtime friend of Paxton and is one of a handful of tea party Republicans who has jumped to his defense.