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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The U.S. Supreme Court rules the Veterans Affairs Administration should be doing more to award government contracts to veteran-owned businesses. 

In a ruling announced today, the Supreme Court unanimously decided that the VA had not properly used guidelines set by Congress to increase the number of disabled veteran run small businesses being considered for federal contracts.

Ryan Poppe

The latest opinion from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says that family courts in the state do not have to adhere to foreign laws when settling a case, including those involving Sharia Law.  While the opinion includes all foreign laws, Muslim-American support groups are calling it an anti-Islamic stance.




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Representatives for Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have announced they plan to unite behind each other’s strengths.  Each campaign is asking their supporters to put aside their differences during the state Democratic convention.

The Texas Democratic Convention is being touted as the most attended state political convention in the nation.  More than 10,000 democratic supporters of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders are set to attend the conference in downtown San Antonio this week.

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Whole Foods Market is being cited for not maintaining federal health standards for its manufacturing, processing, and packaging component of its food products. The Austin-based grocery giant was issued a warning from the U.S.


Supreme Court justices have decided that new emissions standards for coal-fired power plants will remain in effect while the Environmental Protection Agency fixes language within the original order.