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Ryan Poppe

In 2015, Texas lawmakers approved a historic spending package aimed at beefing up law enforcement’s presence along the Texas-Mexico border. Part of the money was supposed to help local border sheriffs hire additional deputies so they could be involved, but so far that isn’t happening.


Michael Vadon / Creative Commons

Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, making Donald Trump the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.  But many Texas Republicans remain divided on whether to unite behind Trump and the state Republican Party is doing everything it can to convince dissidents to support Trump just a week before the party’s state convention.

Ryan E Poppe

State lawmakers singled out a partnership between businesses and schools in San Antonio saying San Antonio Works is a good example of how private-public partnerships can help students become career and college ready.  

Career and college readiness was a focus of House Bill 5 which created so-called diploma programs. In eighth grade students identify a diploma program or area of focus for their high school studies. 

Family members, elected officials, and the community are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Henry B. Gonzalez’s birth today. In tributes, some consider Congressman Gonzalez a local and national hero.  

Those celebrating Congressman Gonzalez’s life say they remember him both for his contributions to his constituents and for his feisty personality. Gonzalez served for over fifty years in public office. He served locally in City Council and the State Senate and for almost forty years in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Portions of Texas 96 parks remain closed because of flood damage and fire.  Parks officials told legislators Monday expensive repairs are needed to reopen the inaccessible areas.