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From Texas Standard.

There’s a whole lot of potential change right now on the Texas political landscape. Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has a challenger for his office from fellow Republican Trey Blocker, a longtime lobbyist who will take on the colorful incumbent. It’s the most serious intra-party challenge to a sitting statewide official – at least so far.

From Texas Standard:

Just two weeks after its introduction, and with a total of zero hearings, the U.S. House has approved what could be the biggest change to tax policy in at least a generation. The Senate Finance Committee also passed a GOP-sponsored tax bill that differs somewhat from the House measure.


A wild political ride in Washington, Austin fuels intensifies the political rancor

In Texas and Washington, politics seems to be getting uglier and uglier.

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More and more female lawmakers at the Capitol are demanding the implementation of new measures and protocols to protect women from sexual harassment.   

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Plus: Piers Morgan goes after Ken Paxton, Ted Nugent and more.