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Ryan E. Poppe

With oil revenues down and job losses across multiple sectors of the state’s economy, lawmakers are looking at available money going into next year’s legislative session.  But Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar is optimistic about the Texas economy and how much money the legislature will have during the 2017 session.

Ryan E. Poppe

Investigators with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission have filed formal charges against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.  The charges allege Paxton promoted investment in a North Texas tech start-up without informing anyone that they he was being paid to promote the company.  

While serving in the Texas House of Representatives, Paxton solicited close to a million dollars in investment funds for the company Servergy, Inc.  He received a hundred-thousand shares of stock in return according to court documents.

Ryan E. Poppe



Gov. Greg Abbott helps usher in the latest expansion of jobs and services for the San Antonio area as General Motors breaks ground on a new facility on the city’s West Side.

Lawmakers are studying whether state agencies are doing enough to keep online “Hack-ta-vists” and other cyber criminals from accessing and stealing personal information.  But state officials say while there are advances in technology, experts in the industry are not as readily available to state agencies.

From Texas Standard:

Remember the Alamo? How could we forget. Remember Denton? That's a different sort of battle.