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Ryan E. Poppe

This week thousands of Vietnam War veterans gathered at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin.  They’re there for a three-day conference that takes a look back at a war where young men were drafted to defend a cause they didn’t always support and college campuses boiled over with anti-war protests.  More than 40 years after the end of the war, the memories are still painful.

Ryan McCrimmon / The Texas Tribune



Texas Department of Family and Protective Services are close to a decision on whether to allow two private prison companies to register their immigration detention facilities as licensed daycares.   


In an effort to address the influx of children at immigration detention centers in Karnes City and Dilley and bring them up to state standards, the Geo Group and Corrections Corporation of America requested a special license from the state that would certify the facilities as childcare centers.


Ryan E. Poppe

Texas lawmakers are considering legislation that would set up a state licensing program for nonprofits that help settle refugees in the state.  Senate Republicans are concerned about being left out of the loop when it comes to the city where these families are being placed by the federal government.

Ryan E. Poppe

The term “crisis” has been used in recent years to describe the state of Texas’ foster care system and state lawmakers are examining what can be done to fix it.

There were 65,000 cases of confirmed child abuse that were investigated by the Texas Department of Family Protective Services in 2015. That’s down by 14 percent, according to state’s Child Protective Services Division.  

But Judge John Specia, the head of the state agency, told lawmakers while those numbers have decreased, 50 percent of case workers are leaving the job because of low pay and high caseloads.

Ryan E. Poppe

With oil revenues down and job losses across multiple sectors of the state’s economy, lawmakers are looking at available money going into next year’s legislative session.  But Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar is optimistic about the Texas economy and how much money the legislature will have during the 2017 session.