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Ryan E. Poppe

Abbott’s signing of the bill comes as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to decide whether states can continue banning same-sex marriage. Outside the governor’s mansion, Abbott said this legislation prevents pastors from being required to violate their religious convictions. 

“Whether or not pastors would be protected was an issue that came up during the Supreme Court argument. We wanted to put at rest whether there was any uncertainty whatsoever, so that these pastors can know that no law, no court decision, can coerce them to violate their First Amendment right,” Abbott stated.

Ryan E. Poppe

A panel of judges at the US 5th Circuit Court has upheld most of the restrictions contained within Texas’ 2013 controversial abortion law, but this is not the end of the road for clinics that have sued the State of Texas.

Ryan E. Poppe


Governor Greg Abbott has signed into law a handful of bills that provide record-level spending on a state-led effort to provide more security along the Texas-Mexico border.  


The bills were deemed emergency items by the Governor at the start of the session but were some of the last pieces of legislation to be sent to his desk because of disagreements between the House and Senate.  One bill Governor Abbott signed into law allows the state to hire 250 additional DPS troopers, and send those stationed along the border since last summer back to their home counties.

Ryan E. Poppe

Skyrocketing appraisal rates in some of the state’s most populated counties may result in homeowners actually paying more this year, despite efforts by the Legislature.  

Friday, at Texas’ oldest VFW post in San Antonio, Abbott signed six bills that were part of his veterans’ initiative.   The bills, carried mainly by Bexar County lawmakers, improve access to mental healthcare and make it easier for veterans and their families to acquire occupational licenses.