SAN ANTONIO  — A Qatar military official training at a U.S. military base in South Texas is facing federal charges after authorities say two of his foreign national employees were given little food and made to sleep on a pallet in a barren apartment.

On the shores of California one recent morning, female Marines were heaving heavy chains to secure amphibious assault vehicles that soon would roll into the waves.

The exercise was one part of a yearlong experiment aimed at settling the question of whether women can handle the punishing world of ground combat.

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Just ahead of Memorial Day, a day meant to remember all those who died serving this nation in the armed forces, veterans in the Texas House are gearing up for a fight over a bill that limits those who could make use of a state tuition relief program known as the Hazlewood Act.

The bill by retired Army Colonel, Senator Brian Birdwell, a Republican from Grandbury, would make changes to the program, which offers qualifying veterans and their families’ education benefits, primarily a substantial number of hours of tuition exemption at state-funded colleges and public universities in Texas.

Currently when veterans don’t use state tuition benefits, they can pass on that benefit to their children.

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BIG SPRING, Texas — The West Texas town of Big Spring is among those that will see part of the Jade Helm 15 military exercise that has alarmed some Texans concerned about a federal takeover.

Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan told KWES-TVthat military officials had contracted with some local ranchers, but no one was expected to have to leave their homes during the exercise this summer.

City officials say the exercise will help local businesses. McLellan said officials are hoping for an economic impact as great as $150,000.

The U.S. military has confirmed that a helicopter carrying six U.S. marines and two Nepali soldiers, as it delivered aid to earthquake victims in Nepal, is still missing. The helicopter was declared missing Tuesday evening, according to Pacific Command spokesman Major Dave Eastburn. It had been flying from Kathmandu airport as part of the US Operation "Sahayogi Haat," which means "helping hand" in Nepali. An air search Tuesday had been halted overnight due to darkness, but resumed in the morning with the Americans deploying two Huey helicopters and two MV-22 tilt-rotor Osprey aircrafts.