Israel en Director Says 'Omar' Is A Love Story, Not A War Story Omar is a young Palestinian baker who often climbs the Israeli-built security barrier that divides his hometown — to visit his secret Israeli love, Nadia. After he's arrested and accused of the murder of an Israeli soldier, he starts working as an informant for Shin Bet, the Israeli secret service; it's a dangerous game Omar plays, one that brings trust, love and friendship into question.<p>That's the central story of director Hany Abu-Assad's new film, <em>Omar</em>, which is only the second Palestinian film ever to be nominated for the Oscar in the foreign-film category. Sun, 23 Feb 2014 14:03:29 +0000 editor 27201 at Director Says 'Omar' Is A Love Story, Not A War Story Idan Raichel's Timely Cross-Cultural Project <p>Idan Raichel released his first international CD, “The Idan Raichel Project,” in 2006. It was a tremendous success and garnered him the title of ‘A One Man Peace Process’ for bringing together artists with disparate backgrounds and religions. Idan was born in Israel and was involved in music from the age of nine when he learned to play the accordion. After a compulsory stint in the Israel Defense Force, he worked at a boarding school which was attended by many young Ethiopian Jews. They introduced him to Ethiopian folk and pop music.</p> Fri, 19 Jul 2013 14:33:07 +0000 Deirdre Saravia 15121 at Idan Raichel's Timely Cross-Cultural Project