Elf Louise http://tpr.org en Elf Louise Suffers Mild Heart Attack, In Hospital On Christmas Eve http://tpr.org/post/elf-louise-suffers-mild-heart-attack-hospital-christmas-eve <p></p><p>The founder of the Elf Louise Christmas Project, one of the city’s most notable Christmas charities for children, spent some time healing in a local hospital on Monday.</p><p>The name of Louise Locker, AKA “Elf Louise” has become synonymous with cheer at Christmas time and getting presents to those children who otherwise might not have much -- or anything -- under their tree.</p><p>Locker, who successfully battled cancer in 2010, had a mild heart attack Sunday evening, and by 3 a.m. Monday she was on Facebook updating her status and complimenting the great staff.</p> Wed, 26 Dec 2012 17:25:28 +0000 Eileen Pace 3784 at http://tpr.org