Generation Listen

TPR Generation Listen Leadership Council 

Texas Public Radio connects listeners to stories that inform and inspire.  
How can YOU inform and inspire TPR?

Generation Listen is a movement to connect TPR to a young audience that shares our passion for creating a more informed and civically-engaged public. 

To help us get there, TPR is looking for the next generation of civic-minded, engaged, visionary leaders to help TPR inspire new listeners, take on a new downtown presence with vitality and purpose, reinforce TPR's mission and values, experiment with new initiatives, innovate new content, reinvigorate our existing supporters, reach new audiences...and, become a better TPR.  

Join the movement.  Apply to become a founding member of the TPR Generation Listen Leadership Council. 

Apply below...

You will need to download the application to your desktop, complete the form, save the completed form to your desktop and then email to with your resume and other attachments. 

Questions?  Call TPR at (210) 614-8977.