The McClain Circle

The McClain Circle, created in 1993, is our largest support group.  Unlike other groups, McClain Circle membership is not focused on a particular profession.  Everyone is welcome to participate in this special membership group.

Members of the McClain Circle provide leadership in the long-range development of quality public radio broadcasting in our community.  Their financial commitments enable Texas Public Radio to continue, to strengthen and to broaden programming services for all listeners.

With your McClain Circle membership, you not only make a significant contribution to Texas Public Radio, you also protect your investment in this unique non-profit public radio broadcast service.

Join, renew or upgrade your membership to the McClain Circle now and you'll be on the list for the next event held exclusively for McClain members.  If you're already a member, call the membership department at 1-800-622-8977 to verify your current level of membership, then make a contribution for the difference.

"I've got an idea that we need to get a radio station on the air and play classical music," said the late B.J. McClain to fellow KPAC founder Wilford Stapp.

The McClain Circle was named in honor of B.J. McClain, one of the founders of KPAC.  When the McClain Circle was created, B.J. was still working the board five evenings each week as the voice of KPAC.  Sadly, that era ended when B.J. died August 28, 1995.  B.J.'s warm voice and friendly manner welcomed everyone who tuned in to the station during her ten years as an announcer and as KPAC's first general manager when the station began broadcasting in 1982.

Even though time and increased health problems took their toll during later years, B.J.'s untiring spirit, her devotion to the music, and her ability to communicate with each listener as if she were talking to them individually, demonstrated her unique contribution to the station and to her audience.

Fortunately for the thousands of people who listen to KPAC and her sister stations each week, B.J. and her fellow KPAC founders created a unique radio service.  From the earliest days, when the 3,000 watt 24-hour classical music public radio station began broadcast operations, there have been many changes and improvements, including KPAC's power upgrade and the addition of other stations to the TPR family.  For listeners, the future promises to bring new and improved programming services as Texas Public Radio continues to expand its membership base.

B.J. McClain cannot witness these developments; however, her legacy of goodwill and determination will guide our progress.  Texas Public Radio is a living reminder of her vision.

"She was a true blessing to this city and to all who needed her." - Wilford Stapp, from his remembrances of B.J. McClain at her memorial service, September 4, 1995.