City of San Antonio

The city's $2.4 billion budget is set to be voted on by members of the City Council next week. But council members already said yes to part of the Metro Health budget to tackle teen pregnancy in the area, although it did meet with some opposition.

Nearly $11 million of Metro Health's overall budget has been approved to target six areas of health in San Antonio and Bexar County: HIV and syphilis prevention, diabetes prevention, neighborhood health strategies, school based oral health, baby cafe sustainable breastfeeding, and teen pregnancy prevention.

City of San Antonio

Interim Councilwoman Mari Aguirre-Rodriguez is shaking her staff up at city hall, calling for suspensions of top aides in the office and the reassignment of others. Derek Roberts, the chief of staff, and Colin Strother, the senior adviser, have been restricted from city hall and the men say their access to the computer system has been shut off.

Eileen Pace


The world's first all-digital library is marking its one-year anniversary this weekend. Officials are calling the global experiment a “success.”

Bexar County got its accreditation for BibioTech in July of last year, months before the physical location was constructed. BiblioTech came at a cost of about $2 million, which paid for the building, computers and technology and the initial investment of $275,000 for 10,000 books.


Measles, whooping cough, and other long since forgotten diseases are making a come back. A new PBS Nova special "Vaccines: Calling The Shots" wants to take us back to school on the subject of vaccines.
It explores the thought and history behind vaccinations. 

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The Texas Freedom Network-released study shows the content in some of social studies textbook submitted to the Texas State Board of Education is deeply flawed and biased. The study points to problems with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills that publishers use as an outline.

The Texas Freedom Network’s Kathy Miller said their team of university professors found serious distortions of history on topics ranging from religion and democracy to free enterprise and affirmative action, which she said can be traced back to the social studies standards set by the SBOE in 2010.