Harlandale ISD

A total of 40 cases of scabies have been confirmed at 10 Harlandale ISD schools, including Harlandale and McCollum high schools, the Frank Tejeda Academy, Harlandale and Terrell Wells middle schools, and Adams, Carroll Bell, Columbia Heights, Rayburn and Wright elementary schools.  Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that is caused by an infestation of a mite.

Tom Summers

There's an Opera Company you may not know about, playing in places that seem highly unlikely: the Hill Country. But if you think opera’s new there—nope.

“Oh no—not at all. In places like Sisterdale, Fredericksburg, Comfort, Texas, all around the Hill Country, they brought with them culture from Europe.”

Arden Dorn is the President of Hill Country Opera and he’s talking about the mid 1800s. “They would have opera singers entertain every week. They originally had seven resident opera singers in the Sisterdale area.”

David Martin Davies

A San Antonio chef who was ticketed last week for feeding the homeless was back on the streets last night. But this time the police were nowhere to be found.

As the Chow Train arrived at Maverick Park in northern downtown last night – Joan Cheever and her volunteers were greeted by the hungry homeless and about 50 supports.

A candle light vigil was being held to protest the ticketing of Cheever last week by the San Antonio police for feeding the homeless out of the back of a pick-up truck and not the permitted mobile commercial kitchen where the food was cooked.

Sen. John Cornyn

WASHINGTON — The lead GOP sponsor of a sex trafficking bill that’s stalled over abortion is offering a new plan to break the logjam.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas will propose restructuring a victims’ compensation fund in the bill to address Democratic concerns over prohibitions on abortion funding.

There was no immediate reaction from Senate Democratic leaders — who have dismissed past overtures by Cornyn. Cornyn has also shot down Democratic attempts at a deal.

HOUSTON — A Houston hospital says a woman has given birth to five babies, which, reports say, is the first-ever set of all-female quintuplets born in the United States, also the first since 1969.