In a turn-about San Antonio Water System CEO Robert​ Puente said the water utility would take over the construction of the Vista Ridge Water Pipeline if Garney was unable to meet certain deadlines.

An exceptionally wet summer and extra warm temperatures this fall have created an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed.  

Health officials say the mosquito-friendly weather has them concerned about the spread of the Zika virus. They're hoping to reach a larger set of residents in a health forum on Zika this weekend.


San Antonio Councilman Ron Nirenberg is hosting the forum so health officials can offer residents the latest scientific information and instructions on how to protect their families.


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The head of Texas’ Republican Party agrees with Donald Trump’s ongoing concerns about there being voter fraud during this November’s election.  Texas GOP Chairman Tom Mechler says voter fraud is a rampant problem we know is happening in Texas.

Mechler says he’s seen proof that voter fraud is a problem in the Lone Star State.

“The problem has been in the Democrat-controlled areas of the state, in the Valley there has been issues and they’ve had issues in the Primary Election where their own candidates are being cheated of their election results," Mechler says.

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From arts to roots music to a yoga/cardio workout--there's a huge variety of weekend events for you. To start out, let's head to Bandera.

"It's our third annual Jailhouse Art Show, Rebecca Norton says. She says the jailhouse was designed in the 1880s by one of Texas's great architects, Alfred Giles. Along with fine local arts at this show, you can see arts left by...lesser talents.

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The use of facial recognition technology is not governed by any federal laws. Texas is one of two states with laws on the books to prevent the use of this tech to capture, store or use biometric identifiers without informed consent, but the statute only applies to commercial entities and is not used often in litigation.