West Texas Site Wants Nation’s Spent Nuclear Fuel

Feb 11, 2015

Texas’ only radioactive waste dump wants to open its gates to tens of thousands of metric tons of spent nuclear reactor fuel now scattered across the country — a large expansion it is pitching as a temporary solution for a problem that has bedeviled federal policymakers for decades. 

Waste Control Specialists is seeking federal approval to temporarily store highly radioactive waste at its complex in Andrews County, northwest of Midland. 

Oklahoma State Seeks Strong Interview

Feb 11, 2015

AUSTIN — Oklahoma State notified Texas officials this week that it wants to take sworn statements from Longhorns coach Charlie Strong and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson about who is calling the plays at Texas.

The move stems from Oklahoma State’s breach of contract lawsuit against former Cowboys assistant Joe Wickline, who is now on Strong’s staff at Texas.

Immigration activists are gathering in Austin Wednesday to rally for reforms. The activists have a long list of complaints. Among them is a demand that National Guard troops be removed from the border.

Last summer, Republican leaders at the Legislature approved the deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops to the border, which cost taxpayers an estimated $12 million a month for each month of their deployment. They had stated that the extra security was needed to protect the state from illegal immigrants and cross-border crime.

State of Texas

As Leticia Van dePutte runs for San Antonio Mayor, a campaign to fill her seat has grown contentious between former Democratic Allies Trey Martinez Fischer and José Menendéz.

Attack ads and questions surrounding who is endorsing whom have muddied the water in the race for Senate District 26.

Neither house member was able to scure 50.1 percent of the vote in the special election and find themselves in a runoff that is scheduled for February 17. 

Jack Morgan

For a small slice of time—only about 18 months in fact—the Pony Express carried letters on an 1800 mile trek from Missouri to California. The telegraph spelled the end for the Pony Express, but now 154 years later it’s being remembered in a quirky, even romantic way.

Imagine the sounds of a typewriter.  Do you remember that sound? If so, you probably weren’t raised texting. At the Briscoe Western Art Museum they have a vintage Remington typewriter, and you can put it to good use. Beth Folds is with the Briscoe.