Many owners of historic commercial buildings around the city have been waiting for the opportunity offered by a new Historic Tax Credit.

The San Antonio Conservation Society is offering a workshop to help business owners learn about rehabbing their historic properties through the new state tax credit.  

The October 17 workshop will bring in the state’s architecture director from the Texas Historical Commission and two property owners who successfully rehabilitated their own buildings using Louisiana’s tax credit along with the federal tax credit.

McNay Museum of Art

The McNay Art Museum’s “Intimate Impressionism” exhibit gets a boost from an impressionism expert. More on that below, but about the exhibit itself--there are nearly seventy paintings of French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, most of them from the National Gallery, on display at the McNay. The paintings don't seem edgy now, but the Impressionists really shook things up at the time in the world of art. / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health officials believe that Thomas Eric Duncan contracted the disease taking a pregnant woman with Ebola to a hospital in his home country when an ambulance didn’t respond to her calls for help. He later traveled to Dallas to be with his fiancé and family.  After a week, he became ill and was treated and released by hospital staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas. He later returned to the hospital in severe condition and was diagnosed with the disease. Dr. Gary Weinstein, The doctor who was treating Duncan testified this week before state lawmakers.

Crystal Chavez

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has a new device to make blood donations easier for young donors, and it looks like it's straight out of "Star Trek." The technology will be used during mobile blood drives at area high schools like Madison High in San Antonio where a recent drive was held.

Sarah Williams, a senior in ROTC at Madison, volunteered for it. Williams says she knows the importance of giving blood.