Texas Lutheran University is pulling out all stops to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in Seguin. There’s a lot going on; I spoke to TLU Professor Shannon Ivey.

“ArteFest is a two day celebration of Dia De Los Muertos through Art, Film, Theater, Dance and Music.”

Regarding the music, they went for a heavy hitter.

“We have the good fortune of having Flaco Jimenez, who is a Grammy Award-winning artist, for two days.”

I noted that when the Rolling Stones need squeezebox, they go to Flaco.

Jack McGilvray

Luminaria, the city's yearly celebration of Art and Light, will soon turn downtown into a frenzy of creative expression. I've found an offshoot of Luminaria that you might want to check out. It won't be happening on the street, but at an artsy Hotel.

“Blue Star will be holding a pop-up exhibition at the Coronado Ballroom of the El Tropicano Hotel.”

The Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum’s, Jack McGilvray, details it.

This week, city leaders got together with residents in District 2, to celebrate the expansion of a senior center on the east side of town. The center, located on W.W. White Road near Rigsby, has been open for a few years. But it had outgrown its location very quickly, and has now also taken over the office next door.

Joey Palacios / t

We’re going into outer space for a moment. Well, it’s really San Antonio College, but it isn’t a bad deal — far from it. Two years ago, renovation began on the 50-year-old Scobee Planetarium, named for Dick Scobee, who died in the 1986 Challenger Disaster. In these two years, the simple domed planetarium has become a 22,000 square foot center for mock space exploration and stargazing.

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The incidence of overdiagnosing adults is well established in medical literature. Overdiagnosing is the process by which an abnormality is found in a patient, but the knowledge of, the exams to discover and subsequent treatments for the disease have no positive impact on the life of the patient. More often than not it in fact has many negatives.