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Attorneys for 600 Texas school districts and the state’s solicitor general on Tuesday made their legal arguments for and against a lower court’s decision that schools are not adequately funded.  Now it is up to the Texas Supreme Court to decide whether the school finance system provides all students the same access to a quality education.

The lawsuit was filed in 2011 after the Legislature cut $5.4 billion dollars from public education while also raising education standards that same year.

A state district judge declared the school finance system unconstitutional.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

The FBI is now monitoring an investigation of a fatal, videotaped shooting involving two deputies.  Some neighbors of the man who died in the Walnut Pass subdivision are on edge.     

The FBI issued a statement Tuesday saying experienced civil rights investigators will look at whether the deputies willfully used excessive or unjustified force when they opened fire on 41-year old Gilbert Flores.

His 4th season of "My Grandmother's Ravioli" is in the can and being rolled out on The Cooking Channel. Host Mo Rocca says the show, born of guilt from never having helped his grandmother cook, is a departure from so many food shows on today that focus on either competition or derision, see "Chopped" or "Hell's Kitchen."

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The city of Austin sued its appraisal district–the Travis Appraisal District–last week. But what you might think is a family affair, could have repercussions across the state. 

The lawsuit accuses the appraisal district of undervaluing commercial properties, which they argue puts a greater tax burden on residential properties. Far from disagreeing with the lawsuit, the chief appraisal officer was at the press conference saying the district needs more data from commercial sales to make better appraisals. But that data is constitutionally protected.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

VIA Metropolitan Transit will be the first large transit authority to install free Wi-Fi on all of its busses. The 4G service is being added with no additional cost to riders.

For many people, like student Dominique Marshall, VIA is their main form of transportation. “I ride it Monday through Friday, to and from school,” she said. John Dalasta is the same, but he uses it for work. “I use it to go where I have a temporary job right now and I don’t feel real safe driving because of a medical problem.”