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It would be quite impressive if a band managed to stay together for 55 years. But a band up in Boerne has been together for a hundred and fifty-five years.

[to hear the Boerne Village Band hit "listen" above]

Texas Tribune

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton turned himself over Monday to Collins County authorities after being indicted last week for three criminal charges for securities fraud and failing to register as a securities agent. Paxton, who won the Attorney General seat despite widespread knowledge of business misdealings, may still have a future in Texas politics. While there is already enough evidence to disbar him, in Texas, one doesn't have to be an attorney to be  Attorney General. 

What does his indictment mean for the state? What could his future hold?


Collin County

Paxton showed up at the Collin County Courthouse/Jail early Monday morning to turn himself in after being indicted on three criminal charges related to his deals with a friend's financial investment firm.



Ed. note: TPR's James Baker has a million stories to tell about being a performing musician. In honor of our final Cinema Tuesdays show of the summer, this time he shares a memory of being a fan. 

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

  The City of San Antonio will consider raising the minimum wage for city workers to $13 an hour, though protesters who gathered at City Hall Friday want it raised to $15 per hour.

About 20 people with the Service Employees International Union gathered on City Hall steps Friday afternoon, demanding the higher increase.  Even though the union doesn’t directly represent city workers, some of them appreciated the message.