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The first day of early voting in Bexar County broke a record.  It was the highest number of first day voters ever for the May municipal elections - 6,968 voters cast ballots.  It's also the first time early voting falls during the Fiesta week.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen says she’s unsure what kind of impact Fiesta will have on early voting.

“The crystal ball really, really cloudy or should I say has confetti in it from the cascarones. We just don’t know,” Callanen says.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

VIA Metropolitan Transit is teaming up with Uber to make sure Fiesta-goers party safely and responsibly.
VIA President and CEO Jeffrey Arndt explains how the partnership works.

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The cutoff for criminal responsibility in Texas was increased to age 17 in the year 1918. Before that, 9-year-olds could be prosecuted as adults.

Phyllis Ingram pulls up the rear door on her SUV, leans in and starts pulling open cardboard boxes.

"This is how my arms get all banged up," says Ingram. "It's 75 for here, Steve?" she asks her husband.

It's a sunny day on San Antonio's South Side, and Ingram--who's with the League of Women Voters--is out delivering their Voters' Guide with her husband. 

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Early voting for the May 6 local elections begins Monday across Texas.  San Antonio voters will begin casting ballots for mayor, council members, and an $850 million bond election, the largest in city history.

Many area communities are also electing local representatives; voting for school bonds; and deciding other municipal issues.  The Alamo Community College District is asking voters to support a $450 million bond for new and improved facilities.