Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump didn’t acknowledge the Hispanic indignation that confronted him on the Texas-Mexico border in Laredo. 

At the World Trade Bridge in Laredo, a half a football field from the US-Mexico border, Donald Trump told reporters he would win the Republican presidential nomination with the help of the Hispanic vote.  He referenced a political poll that shows him leading Republican contenders with more than 20 percent support.

David Martin Davies

There are 12 monuments, plaques and other markers to the Confederacy on the grounds of the state capitol. They tell a carefully crafted story of an honorable and brave South that fought for freedom and independence from a dominating Federal Government. It’s a story that is reflected in modern day political philosophies in Texas and across the South and according to actual historians, it’s a story that is completely wrong.

Mark Menjivar

Artpace is a downtown gallery for modern art, but it's also a place that generates art. Three times a year Artpace draws artists to the city in its Artists in Residence program. They live at Artpace, creating projects in the facility's studios. Recently, the spring crop of resident artists  revealed their creations.  

"I am Fatma Bucak and I’m a Kurdish Artist from Turkey."

She was raised along the border with Syria, which made the very concept  of borders fascinating, and fluid to her.

Nathan Cone

San Antonio native Alyson Alonzo visited our studios late one afternoon after nearly all the staff had gone home for the night. The building was quiet and the rich evening sun poured in through the windows. The setting seemed to fit Alyson’s style to the nines; her vintage voice and dichotomized new-wave beats blended into the caramelized evening. After her short set (you can listen and watch below), she sat down with us for an interview where she discussed her vocal techniques, musical influences and family history.

Nathan Cone

San Antonio rapper Chris Conde wears many hats, all of which influence his music. He’s a drag queen, recovering addict, musical connoisseur, lyrical genius, and an astute musician who calls San Antonio home after growing up pretty much around the world, having been born here into a military family. He returned to San Antonio a little over six years ago.