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​This week's Fronteras is a rebroadcast of one of our most popular programs.  It originally aired in August of 2013.  Can you say tacos?

Remember those hard-shelled, spicy ground beef tacos that populated American kitchens a few decades ago? That's not the taco of today. Today it's grilled fish, kosher beef, Korean barbeque and fried eggs. We’re talking all things taco: From the evolution of the taco and how breakfast tacos are a morning staple close to the heart in South Texas, to Kosher tacos and tacos in the Navajo Nation.


  A report released by the Texas Civil Rights Project and American Civil Liberties Union says Texas is holding too many of its prison inmates in solitary confinement and the practice is detrimental to the prisoners, corrections officers and communities where the inmates are released.

Jack Morgan

Cirque du Soleil is performing at the Freeman Coliseum. I was able to meet publicist Vanessa Napoli for a backstage look. She told me that Cirque employs several traveling acrobatic troupes, but this one has an edge.

“It’s very different from any of our other shows. First of all it’s loosely based on the Greek mythology of Icarus, but in Varekai [he] lands in a beautiful enchanted forest.”

In mythology the wax holding together Icarus’s wings melted by the heat of the sun, and he fell to his death.

Chance James

The San Antonio Symphony’s Strauss Festival has been their focus for the past month, but on Saturday night it comes to an end.

“This weekend is our final part to our Strauss Festival.”

The Strauss Festival that Concertmaster Eric Gratz is talking about the symphony’s yearly focus on a single composer.

“It’s sort of your one last chance to get the whole spectrum of Strauss’s music.”

I asked “Is it a particularly challenging part for you—you’ve got solos throughout, right?”



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Does the fact that man-made climate change is real obligate humanity to take action against it?