SAN ANTONIO — Drivers who are caught talking on their cellphone without a hands-free device will now be subjects to tickets in San Antonio.

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Ya’Ke Smith’s films are about the demons that haunt us. They address the struggles of addiction, homelessness, sexual abuse. In person, he is ebullient. Yet the drama “dawn.” may be his most personal film yet.

Smith based the short film on the troubles of his sister, who he says has been in and out of prison for over a decade. The movie opens on a character named Dawn who has recently been released. But over the course of the film’s 20 minute running time, she finds herself unprepared for the challenges of life on the outside.

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He began his career at the White House by running the motor pool as a military aid. He would go on to join the staff in the Nixon Administration. While his duties initially would be low-level logistics, Brent Scowcroft would rise to the highest levels of U.S. foreign policy power. 

His work as the National Security Advisor would cement the nation's views on China for decades. He would see the country through some of the tumultuous scenes in the cold war.

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A promise to cut taxes was on the agenda of nearly every GOP candidate who ran for a state office.  Now, some of the Republicans elected are saying tax cuts this legislative session aren’t such a good idea.  Texas Public Radio has been talking to area lawmakers about their priorities, and heard from one San Antonio Republican who's warning against the call for tax cuts that reverberated through the Texas Capitol last week.

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"The Migration Project" is a three-year initiative of The Renaissance Guild, a local black theater. It is the theatrical exploration of the historical and cultural identity of African-Americans, and by extension America. The issues generated by mass migration in the United States and in Europe have taken on a complex and often divisive urgency in recent years.