In the wake a state audit of the Texas Enterprise Fund that shows little to no oversight in the first two years of the program, a San Antonio congressman is calling on state and federal officials to review the audit for any possible violations of the law.  

McNay Museum of Art

The McNay Museum makes an interesting move—It’s called "Oui Wednesdays"--oui being the French word for yes. Kate Carey is McNay’s Education Director.

“Oui Wednesday is a new program that we initiated this fall. Oui Wednesday is the umbrella program, but then there are several smaller programs that fit within that.”

The over-arching idea is for museum visitors to get a more intimate experience with the current French Impressionist paintings exhibit organized by the National Gallery. To do so they’ve created thematic programs. Carey explained them to me.


UPDATE Oct. 3, 2014:

UTSA hosted an information session on the Vista Ridge project. A link to the NowCast recording of the panel discussion is here

The Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance posted a notification that San Antonio City Council has scheduled a public hearing on the Vista Ridge Project Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. 

Laura Alpin

It happened last Saturday night--the first Tobin Center for the Performing Arts simulcast, a really interesting sidebar function to the state-of-the-art hall. But first I'd like to introduce you to someone.

"My name is Inga Cotton.”

Inga is a mom, but she does something else, too.

“I’m also a mom blogger. My blog is called San Antonio Charter Moms.”

That blog has a big focus.   

“I just really like to expose my kids to culture.”

Which brings us back to the Tobin Center from last Saturday night. Inga details what was going on.

Eileen Pace / TPR News

The city of San Antonio wants Bexar county to start paying its fair share of the San Antonio Public Library's bills. As San Antonio Public Library director spelled out on our program late last month, 19 percent of the public library system users are non-city residents who live in the county, so the county should pick up 19 percent of the tab, basically doubling Bexar's contribution from around $3.8 million to 6.3 million.

Judge Nelson Wolff thinks that isn't going to work.