Nate Howe

Trinity University is bringing a highly acclaimed musician to the school next week. He's organist Christopher Houlihan. (If you hit "Listen" you can hear him playing) I asked him what he loved about playing the organ.

“I love that it can be terrifyingly loud in one moment, and also have some of the softest, gentlest sounds. I love that it is so diverse and so, so colorful. And that is one of the things that really excites me about the organ.”

I told him that I'd seen footage of him playing--“You’re not that staid old lady at the church playing the organ.”

David Blancas

Apparently completed in just two days, a large mural at Harlandale High School is getting a lot of attention. There's a story behind the mural, and it starts with this guy.

“My name is David Blancas. I’m a local visual artist and muralist.”

The Principal of Harlandale asked him to create a mural.

“They had a really fantastic, I thought, canvas.”

The mural is in a public reception area at the school and Blancas was asked to create something specific to the history of the south side, where the high school is.

Ryan E. Poppe

In a post-election press conference, the newly elected Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, said it was time to put the election behind and begin the process of getting back to work, that work ranged from border issues, Ebola preparedness and the effectiveness of Gov. Perry’s Texas Enterprise Fund.

EdTech Stanford School of Medicine

  Cancer is the number one killer of Hispanics and Latinos in the United States, surpassing heart disease in 2012. According to Redes En Acción, the National Latino Cancer Research Network, rates of cancer in this community will rise by 142 percent over the next 20 years.

Ryan E. Poppe

Republican Greg Abbott has traded in his title as attorney general, for one that says governor-elect. He’s bringing his negotiating skills to the job though, as Abbott has pledged to work with Democrats over the next four years.

Greg Abbott began his political career in 1996, when he was appointed to the Texas Supreme Court by then Governor George W. Bush. In 2002, he succeeded John Cornyn as the state’s attorney general, a position he has held since. But now, Abbott starts a new political adventure as the 48th governor of Texas.