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Last January, the City of San Antonio began negotiations with public safety unions to renew their contract.

The city's goal was to reduce the expenditure on health care and pension benefits that are significantly higher than other public employee packages.

These ‘Old’ Spurs Make An ‘Old’ President Very Happy

Jan 13, 2015

The San Antonio Spurs apparently make President Barack Obama comfortable, they’re more his generation, kind of. The President, who hosted the 2014 NBA Championship-winning team from San Antonio on Monday, apparently joked that it made him feel good to see a team with older players winning. “It makes me feel good to see that folks in advancing years can succeed in a young man’s sport,” said Obama. He added: “Let’s face it, just a little while back, people were saying that the Spurs were past their prime, not just old but kind of boring," he said. "Now they’re fresh and exciting, which is basically the exact opposite of what happens to presidents.” Becky Hammon, the Spurs’ assistant coach, and the first full-time female assistant coach in NBA history, came in for a special mention, as did the Spurs’ hiring of her. “As somebody who’s got two daughters, one of who is a baller, it makes me feel good when excellence is recognized regardless of gender,” said Obama.

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Several lawmakers have already filed bills to repeal the Texas Dream Act. Texas’ incoming lieutenant governor, Sen. Dan Patrick, has vowed to repeal it during the 84th legislative session, which begins Tuesday. And Governor-elect Gregg Abbott has said if one of the bills lands on his desk, he would not veto it.

The City of Castle Hills is cooperating with Bexar County and the City of San Antonio to continue to find services for residents displaced by the Wedgwood Seniors Apartment fire.

Five people died in the December 28 blaze — a sixth resident died two days later in a hotel.

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  Bexar County’s new district attorney has received approval to expand his staff, a million-dollar investment that county commissioners said will save the county money in the long run.

District Attorney Nico LaHood said that when he opened the door to his new position on Jan. 1, he found a backlog and started questioning why so many cases were pending.

“The backlog in the intake section alone was very, very disappointing to say the least. I mean, when it takes two to four years to have your day in court, that’s unacceptable,” he said.