Remember the drought?

The San Antonio Express-News reports that President Obama will host the 2014 NBA Champions, San Antonio’s beloved Spurs, on Monday, Jan. 12, at the White House. The President, who has kept up a presidential tradition of welcoming champion sports teams to the White House, is known to be a sports’ fan, and an avid basketball aficionado. In a mid-December interview on ESPN Radio’s The Herd With Colin Cowherd, the President even singled out the Spurs as a team to admire for how they interacted with each other, and the community at large. In June last year, the Spurs’ head coach, Gregg Popovich, had received a congratulatory call from the Obama after the Spurs beat the Miami Heat to take the crown. According to a White House press release at the time, the President had called Popovich “one of the nation’s finest coaches and a role model for young men across the country,” and said he was looking forward to hosting the team at the White House. The Spurs, five-time Championship winners, have previously made the trip to the White House, to be feted by former President George W. Bush.

Drones Are Of Little Or No Help Along The Border: DHS Audit

Jan 8, 2015

The Washington Post reports that a federal audit by the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector-General had found “little or no evidence” that the fleet of drones deployed for surveillance along the nation’s borders was effective in that surveillance. The Post reported the audit had revealed that for fiscal year 2013, it cost $12,255 per flight hour to operate the drones, five times more than the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which operates the drones, had estimated. The report said the drones, launched from bases in Texas, Arizona, Florida and North Dakota, were “not meeting flight-hour goals,” and the CBP could not “demonstrate how much the program has improved border security.” The report said that in Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, in 2013, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of those stopped at the border, were because of drone detection in any way. The CBP has disputed the inspector-general’s findings and said the report had been “cherry-picking statistics.”

Robert Rehm


Before his death on Sunday at the age of 61, Robert Rehm was a theater director, a graphic designer, and an arts philanthropist in San Antonio for decades.

His work at Jefferson High School's theater department inspired many students to pursue a career in the medium. His graphic design graced chests from Texas Public Radio members, with his donated design for a TPR shirt, to Paul McCartney, who wore one of his designs for the animal-welfare group PETA.

Estrella Chacon

An Austin dance troupe called A’lante Flamenco plans an unusual dance and music performance at the Tobin Center.

“We perform something that I like to think of as Flamenco theater.”

Olivia Chacon is their Artistic Director.

“We gear our choreography and also our music to tell stories to try to connect with audiences across cultural boundaries or across generational boundaries.”