Jennifer Seighman
San Antonio Choral Society / San Antonio Choral Society

It’s getting to be the time of year where holiday music performances pop up around town. I found one event a particularly interesting one. At the heart of it is the Messiah, but there’s something different going on here.

“This is not your typical performance because the performers are actually seated out in the audience. You will be the performers.”

That is the San Antonio Choral Society’s Jennifer Seighman. The audience members are invited to bring just their voices, and not their instruments.

Photo by Corene

Two local institutions are teaming up for a unique in-exhibit performance. The McNay Museum of Art and the Copperleaf Quintet have got an interesting plan for the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 30.

“We do! Copperleaf is going to be singing at the McNay, in the Stieren Center, for their "Intimate Impressionism" Exhibit."

That's the Copperleaf's Ruth Moreland.

"We’re very excited to be bringing this music to that space. It’s a concert of French Salon Music.”

French music, French art — it sounds like an immersion in Frenchness.

Texas Public Radio

Last night State Senator Leticia Van de Putte announced her candidacy for San Antonio mayor. Van de Putte's entrance comes after an unsuccessful run for Lieutenant Governor earlier this month. The move made her the second declared candidate for mayor with former State Representative Mike Villarreal. 

Both candidates have been active in San Antonio politics for years and their entrance into the field may convince current city council members. 

Nathan Cone

This Saturday night, the San Antonio Symphony and the US Air Force Band of the West team up to present their tenth annual Salute to Armed Forces concert at Laurie Auditorium.

Conducting the orchestra will be the San Antonio Symphony’s Akiko Fujimoto, and the program includes patriotic music by Aaron Copland, John Willams, and George M. Cohan. Fujimoto says the added touch of 13 brass players from the Air Force is a boon to the orchestra’s sound.

Outgoing Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst, has announced that the state will begin ramping down the number of National Guard troops assisting with the state’s border surge in the Rio Grande Valley, that's following an $86 million extension of the executive order that first sent the Guard to the Texas-Mexico border.

He isn’t able to discuss the numbers, but Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst chalks the gradual troop withdrawal to a drop in the number of crossings happening in South Texas.