For the past few months, a commonly misunderstood culture and religion has been on display at the Institute of Texan Cultures downtown. Sikh: Legacy of the Punjab hopes to demystify Sikhism, a monotheistic religion from South Asia often confused with other religions. 

It's American History seen through an amber bottle of booze. There's a good reason that the National Anthem took its tune from a drinking song. From the founding, to modern day politics, the secret history of history of Drinking in America comes home in the book of the same name.

Author Susan Cheever details the blurry details.  Remember that shot heard round the world in The American Revolution? Bet your History teacher didn't mention it was a shot of Rum. 


  • Susan Cheever, author of "Drinking in America: Our Secret History"
Office of Historic Preservation

There are huge events all weekend at the Missions honoring their World Heritage Designation. Here's one that will change dramatically the way you see Mission Concepcion. Shannon Miller Directs the city’s Office of Historic Preservation. 

"We are actually going to be restoring, figuratively, the frescoes that would have been on the original façade of the Mission.”

The frescoes she’s talking about were repetitive geometric designs that originally painted brightly those current-day earth-toned Missions.

Ryan E. Poppe

The U.S. Senate’s Number 2 in charge, Texas Senator John Cornyn, visited with community groups in Austin on Monday to sell his plan for gun control through more mental health testing.  But some gun control advocates are saying Cornyn’s plan actually would make guns more available to people with mental illness.

Courtesy Trinity University Press:

When you think Mexican food, enchiladas might be one of the first things to come to mind. They're a staple of both traditional cooking and modern Tex-Mex interpretations. 

In their new cookbook, Enchiladas: Aztec to Tex-Mex, (Trinity University Press) restaurant owner Cappy Lawton and food writer Chris Waters Dunn have put together the ultimate source on enchiladas, from recipes to a historical background.