Courtney King

There is some debate over whether the San Antonio floods of 1921 ensured that this building would never be the same again. But, urban legend or not, a local institution is getting a facelift.  The Boehler House has been saved, but you probably don’t know it as the Boehler House.

“For quite a few years it was the Liberty Bar.”

Preservation Architect Jeffrey Fetzer has been working on the iconic, but very crooked, building, two blocks north of the Pearl on Josephine street.

“The foundation has settled unevenly over time, causing the building to lean.”

Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Alan Warrick wants to be the next East Side San Antonio City Councilman. The businessman pulled in the most votes in the Nov. 4 election, but did not receive the 50 percent plus one vote needed for a victory.

Keith Toney, the current council appointee to the seat, following Ivy Taylor's switch from District 2 to the mayor's chair, came in second. A runoff election is scheduled for Dec. 9, with early voting from Dec. 1-5.

Difficult decisions lie ahead as urban areas demand more water, rural areas experience loss of spring flow, and our region faces increased challenges brought by population growth and drought. Are Central Texas’ water planning processes on track to balance the needs of its rural and urban users and protect the natural water resources that sustain our ecologic and economic health?

In his final days as the state’s attorney general, Greg Abbott is gearing up for a fight against President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration. Abbott outlined some of ways he feels the president overreached his executive authority.

Jonathan Alonzo

They’re one of the city’s quirkiest art institutions, and now they’re looking for something that you might have.  I spoke to their Artistic Director.

“We’re looking for drummers. We’re looking for dancers. We’re looking for talent.”

You probably know what Catherine Cisneros is describing—it’s Urban 15.

“We’re about to create the spectacle that people see during Fiesta, after Fiesta, before Fiesta!” she laughed.