12:50 am
Sun January 25, 2015

Texas Anti-Abortion Groups Rally Behind George P. Bush, Cecilia Abbott

AUSTIN — George P. Bush and Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott made a large anti-abortion rally at the Capitol on Saturday their first headlining events of 2015 as the two political newcomers from familiar Republican families begin putting different faces on Texas conservatism.

The front-and-center billing given to Abbott, less than a week after husband Greg Abbott was sworn in as governor, added to expectations that she could have a more public presence than her predecessor, Anita Perry, who largely avoided the spotlight during her 14 years in the governor's mansion.

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2016 Election
12:37 am
Sun January 25, 2015

Possible GOP Presidential Candidates Pitch Ideas At Conservative Forum

DES MOINES, Iowa — The robust Christian right in early-voting Iowa plays an outsize role in helping determine the Republican presidential nominee, a political reality not lost on the parade of would-be 2016 candidates trying to draw attention at a Saturday gathering of social conservatives.

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Military Honors
4:27 pm
Sat January 24, 2015

After 64 Years, Korean War Vet MIA Laid To Rest In Texas

Remains of Korean-Army Sgt. Gilberto L. Sanchez brought home to rest at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
Credit Ryan E. Poppe

Born between the two Great Wars in October 1931, Sgt. 1st Class Gilberto Sanchez was destined for heroism in a third. The 19-year-old combat medic was serving with the 32nd infantry regiment, 7th infantry division in North Korea when he, like hundreds of other soldiers of the U.S.-led United Nations’ coalition, disappeared in December 1950, in the middle of the horror that was the Chosin Reservoir battle.

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Texas Legislature
12:20 am
Sat January 24, 2015

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Names Senate Panels; Further Sidelines Democrats

AUSTIN — Democrats in the Texas Senate were even more sidelined by the Republican majority Friday, as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced committee appointments with the minority party in charge of only two panels.

Patrick, a Tea Party favorite, had warned he was under no obligation to appoint Democrats to leadership positions for the 2015 session. The only two Democrats to get them were the longest-serving member of the Senate and a border lawmaker who has sided with the GOP in critical votes in the last two years.

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9:32 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

Feb. 17 Special Runoff Election Set For House, Senate Seats

AUSTIN — Special runoff elections on Feb. 17 will choose a new member of the Texas Senate and new representatives for two House districts.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday set the election date for the last three open seats in the Texas Legislature. The biggest prize is the San Antonio Senate seat that Democrat Leticia Van de Putte has held since 1999.

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9:16 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

Wedgewood Fire Survivors Might Soon Be Able To Access Some Belongings

Those that survived a deadly fire at the Wedgewood senior living complex in Castle Hills in December, might be allowed to retrieve some of their belongings soon. A judge has been asked to lift part of a temporary restraining order meant to preserve evidence. The lawyer for some of the residents, said a pending proposal with the Wedgewood management would allow re-entry except to the third floor, where the fire began, and the damaged top floor.
Reports confirmed of asbestos contamination in 1960s era building CASTLE HILLS, Texas - Almost a month after the deadly fire at the Wedgwood Senior Living Apartments, plans are underway for many of the survivors to finally recover some of the personal belongings they were forced to leave behind.
8:45 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

Cannon Thought Fired At Alamo During Siege Returns To Shrine

SAN ANTONIO  — Ten years have passed since Rick Range found a small, bronze Spanish cannon that may have been fired at the Alamo, tucked away in a building in rural North Texas.

“And I was amazed. It was in a dark storage-type workroom, way out in the country,” said Range, a Dallas-area Alamo researcher.

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5:53 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

Border Drones: CBP Rejects Negative Audit As Congress Debates Funding Bill

Gerald L. Nino via Wickimedia Commons

- The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general has issued a critical report on border drones. The report says there is “little or no evidence” those drones are worth their expensive price tag. This comes as Congress wrestles with a fast approaching deadline to fund Homeland Security.
- Native Americans in New Mexico are worried about how increased oil drilling is affecting their communities. One person compared the view at night to a "war zone."
- Fronteras Commentator Yvette Benavides talks about the beauty of being bilingual and the complexities that come wiht it in the U.S.
- And we look at the very serious challenges that people with curly hair face in humid Houston

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Classical Music
3:27 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

The Language Of Music: She Loves To Pass It On To The Young

Simone Dinnerstein
Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

An eminent pianist is coming to San Antonio. She’s New Yorker Simone Dinnerstein.

“It’s my first trip to San Antonio so I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been in a lot of cold places recently” she laughed.

Dinnerstein found her way to piano at an early age, but it was a circuitous route.

“As a child I took ballet classes and there was a pianist who played Chopin in the class and I really loved 

the sound of the piano.  Immediately I felt like I had found my language; it felt so natural."

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Fort Hood Shooting
2:08 pm
Fri January 23, 2015

Army: Fort Hood Lacked System To ID Threat Of 2014 Rampage

FORT WORTH — Fort Hood did not have a system in place that could have anticipated a deadly rampage last April that left four soldiers dead and 16 wounded, according to a U.S. Army report released Friday.

There were no clear warnings that Spc. Ivan Lopez would go on a two-block shooting spree before killing himself on April 2, the report concluded. It also said Lopez’s supervisors would have had difficulty recognizing any personal problems leading up to the attack.

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