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  Last week at the Vatican, more than 250 bishops from across the world got together in a Papal Synod to debate the future of how the Catholic Church ministers to and envisions the family. The Church reflected on how doctrine could better reflect practical realities. The divorced, those co-habitating without marriage and gay Catholics were communities that saw a rare opening for a revision in how the Papacy  perceives them. 

First Baptist Church's ongoing music program begins its fall/winter season on Oct. 26, Sunday. I spoke to the church’s Aaron Hufty about the first performance, by a group called Spectrum Winds.

"Well this is a group of young professional musicians, who  are part of the USAF Band of the West, stationed at Lackland Air Force Base. This quintet plays a wide variety of chamber music and so we’re looking forward to hosting them this Sunday at our church.”

Scott Langford

Imagine the largest, most epic movie possible, and then trying to remake it on a shoestring budget. A bad idea? Most definitely. But bad ideas can make for good comedy, and San Antonio filmmaker Scott Langford’s “Remake” finds three South Texas friends deciding to do a local version of “Braveheart,” of all things.

Ryan E. Poppe

One of first recommendations from the governor’s new Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response was to create healthcare facilities, where patients showing symptoms of Ebola could go to be treated and isolated from the public, to reduce the spread of the disease between healthcare workers. 

In a rare, bipartisan move, Democratic lawmakers and conservative business leaders from across the state are coming together in support of a state transportation funding measure up for voting this November.