Daniel Deitch

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has booked a San Antonio talk in June at the Tobin Center. The wildly popular talk show guest is considered one of the scientific community’s most articulate spokespersons. I caught up with him by phone at his New York office.

While Tyson is a serious scientist,  that’s easy to forget when he breaks into laughter, which he does with regularity. Here he’s talking about where society is at this point.

The drug war in Mexico continues to takes lives. Streets along the border have become battle fields as cartels challenge each other for territory and clash with the Mexican military forces. Sometimes it takes fiction to explain and decipher the impact of the harsh realities like the drug war. It's able bring to the page the maelstrom of emotions of what’s it like to be collateral damage in this conflict that’s tearing your motherland apart.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

WASHINGTON  — Congress can get so busy that senators and their staffs don’t always have time to scrutinize bills they pass and letters they sign — or so it seemed this week, anyway. Two episodes left Democrats blushing, some Republicans muttering under their breath, and taxpayers perhaps wondering what those well-educated people do on Capitol Hill.

First, Republicans ridiculed Democrats for claiming they somehow missed a key provision in a bill filed two months ago. The bill, unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, would combat human sex trafficking.

Ryan Poppe


A mixed group of community organizers and business associations is demanding Texas lawmakers come up with solution to close an insurance coverage gap affecting approximately one million working Texans.  

A few hundred community organizers and members of 25 conservative leaning business groups stood in front of the State Capitol, demanding their leaders find a solution for Texas’ gap in coverage — the people who do not qualify for other forms of Medicaid but also don’t earn enough to purchase insurance on their own.

Any given weekend is full of events in San Antonio; here are a few things that spring break families might consider for the March 13-15 weekend. 

La Villita downtown will be awash with culture from India. Saturday’s India Festival is a free event that runs from two in the afternoon ‘til 8.  Dance, music, food and more will fill Maverick Plaza.

Also on Saturday evening, Ballet San Antonio’s Ballet in the Park free event. Food trucks will ring Travis Park as Ballet is performed right in front of the St. Anthony Hotel.