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The city of San Antonio is seeking an opinion from the Texas attorney general's office on whether it must release sensitive audio files under the Public Information Act. The city contends that some of the documents relating to San Antonio’s first non-discrimination ordinance complaint are confidential.

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There’s a photo exhibit that opens next week that’s a lot deeper than it first seems to be. Echoes: Reconstructions of Images Past is filled with pictures, but it’s how they got to be pictures that reveals their artistry.

“What the students are doing is they’re actually bringing family photographs, and they’re deconstructing those photographs, separating them foreground, middle and background,” said SAY Sí MEdia Arts Director Guillermina Zabala on the process. They students scan a picture then digitally separate its elements in Photoshop.

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The city of San Antonio's mechanism for filing a complaint under the revised non-discrimination ordinance is just about ready to launch.

Nearly one year to the day that city council passed the updated NDO, which adds sexual orientation, gender identity and veteran status to the list of protected classes in the city, the website where people can file complaints will go live. The council voted to favor the ordinance on Sept. 5, 2013.

Deputy City Attorney Veronica Zertuche said Wednesday the website will launch next week on Sept. 4.

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Abortion-rights groups painted a national legal landscape for challenges to state abortion laws and spoke specifically about Texas, where clinics are eagerly awaiting a federal decision regarding the state’s ambulatory surgical center standards.  

Julie Rickelman with the Center for Reproductive Rights said Texas has become the focal point for the national fight against these types of restrictions.

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A seismologist for the Texas Railroad Commission updated the Texas House Energy Resources Committee about the findings of a study on the number of earthquakes occurring near fracking injection well sites.